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Trade shows are increasingly becoming popular and so is the need for portable
displays which can be used to market and display the products in a professional yet
attractive manner.
Portable displays are used by most companies to display their products and capture
larger part of the crowd. Portable displays can be pop up displays, table top
accessories or banner stands which shall be used by companies to attract the crowd to
their stands. In today's competitive world, every company is trying to deliver the best
and can benefit if the product features are displayed in some innovative manner which
pulls the crowd towards the booth.
Trade shows are held by industries to make people aware of their products and every
company tries to show off their complete range in the show. This is done by portable
displays. Portable displays are easy to carry and can be transported conveniently.
Besides the above, portable displays give a professional look to the product as the
product is displayed in an innovate manner. Portable displays add style to the product
and are affordable. Numerous Portable displays are used by companies depending
upon the style and size requirements of the advertisement to be made.
Types of Portable Displays
There are various forms of displaying a product and the same can be done with
various displays. The following are:
1. Pop up Displays: These are portable display stands and take about 10 to 15
minutes for putting up and installation. The installation is easy and these look
attractive as they come with a complete set of spotlights to light up the display. These
can be curved or straight in shape and made with photos or graphics.
2. Table Top & Accessories: These are portable table tops used in booths and stands
where the space is a constraint. The attractive cloth is used to display designs and
products. These come in graphic table top, fabric table top, fabric and graphic table
top and graphic table cover.
3. Banners and Stands: Banners can be used for great visual impact. The best part is
that they can be used over and over again in multiple trade shows. These come in
different shapes like roller banners, double sided banners and outdoor banners.
4. Pop up Tents: These are portable tents made with fabric graphic panels and are
waterproof. These come in various colors and sizes depending upon the requirements.
5. Panel Systems: These are display booths made of hardwood frames and are
attractive as they are covered by fabrics and have panels which are hinged to provide
durability. Products can be kept in these for display.
6. Literature Racks: These are racks used for storing the literature, catalogues and
product brochures which can be handed over to visitors after displaying products. The
literature rack is also an important display rack.
7. Hanging Signs: These are hanging displays and are made of aluminum frame
which makes them fire resistant. These come in various shapes like triangle, square,
tapered square, halo and tapered halo.
8. Folding Display Boards: These are light display boards made from PVC frames
and take 5 to 10 minutes for setting up.
9. Leaflet Dispensers: These are desktop and mounted displays used to store
material and leaflets. These can contain product leaflets.
Tips for Buyers
The buyers and companies intending to put up stalls should ensure quality products to
use as product displays as these will carry the company products and brochures. Any
malfunction of the portable display can have a negative impact.
There are numerous manufacturers supplying portable displays and by searching on
the net one can find the best portable displays for use at their stalls and booths in a
trade show.

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