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Online reputation is now your reputation


									?In the early days of internet an average internet visitor was confide upto sending
emails or chatting with family and friends but today after 14 years of internet
existence people relay on sites like flicker to post pictures, face book to remain in
touch with friend, twitter to update followers with updates and so on..

Any internet savvy cannot image him without using these services in daily life these
have become an indispensible part of our lifestyle. But there is a dark side of this
speedy progress of internet also.

Identity theft is the major problem in online media which has become a daily problem
for companies and individuals. For example due to lack of verification process no
internet service can verify information offered by any user.

Anyone can easily create and launch blogs, pictures and videos with fake identities.
Not it causes identity theft but the published material can also contain picture, video,
text or material which can destroy reputation of any individual or company in

For example recently many nude pictures of a model posted on face book by a
photographer without her consent and soon after having realization of this model
contacted the photographer to remove these pictures but he denied as a result she lost
her job, her boyfriend left her and caused several problems dealing with people

Digital reputation is now actually your reputation, individuals and companies
interested in you always research about you before hiring, dating or even partnering
with you and therefore its essential to keep clean the online image of your company or
you at any cost.

Companies like RRWDG INC offers top notch online reputation management services
which on the same time save time and money with out ranking negative publicity
material ranking up high on search results for the most commonly associated
keywords for you or your company.
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