Five Great Swingline Paper Trimmers by hkksew3563rd


									?Guillotine and rotary paper trimmers can make any cutting job much easier.
Swingline makes some of the best trimmers around and they're great for both personal
and professional use. Here's five of these products. Check them out so you can
determine if there's one that fits your needs. 1112 - the SmartCut Compact       12"
Personal Trimmer. This is one of Swingline's smallest trimmers and it's a good
choice for use both at home and at work. It       can cut items that are up to 12 inches
long such as paper, photographs, and laminated documents. The base has an
alignment guide for the most accurate cutting possible and up to five sheets         of
paper can be cut at one time. A replacement blade is included.     Plus, this cutter is
both small and light enough to be transported easily. The 1112 is backed by a
limited one-year warranty.

 1312 - the SmartCut 12"      Dial-A-Blade Trimmer. The 1312 offers the same
cutting capacity and length as the 1112, and like that device, it's also lightweight
     and can be used anywhere. (It also has a similar warranty.) However,     it
differs from that trimmer because it offers three different   cutting styles: straight,
wavy, and scoring. To switch between styles, you don't need to change blades. All
you need to do is turn    a knob. The 1312 also has both metric and standard
measurements printed on the base and there's a transparent paper guide to make
     trimming extremely easy.

  9615 - the SmartCut       Commercial 15" Rotary Trimmer. The 9615 is a great,
heavy-duty trimmer for professional and high-volume cutting. It can cut up to    30
sheets of 20 lb. paper at once and it has a clamp to keep your  paper in place as
you trim. The base is made of metal and is pretty large so you'll be able to trim
larger items up to 15 inches long. (Metric and standard measuring guides are printed
on the base for easy referral.) This is a really well-made cutter and it comes with
    a limited one-year warranty.

 9312 - the ClassicCut Lite 12" Guillotine Cutter. If you prefer a guillotine cutter to
a rotary one for occasional use, the 9312 would be the perfect choice. It has a
12-inch cutting length and it's capable of trimming up to      12 sheets of paper at
once thanks to its self-sharpening steel      blade. There's a protective guard rail that
will help keep your fingers away from the blade and the blade can be locked into
place when not in use. The 9312 is surprisingly lightweight for a guillotine cutter,
making it easy to      move around. It's covered by a limited ten-year warranty.

  9715 - ClassicCut 15" Guillotine Cutter With Laser. Finally, there's the 9715, a
terrific cutter that has a laser that will show     exactly where you need to cut. It can
cut 15 sheets at a time and        has a 15-inch cutting length. Like the 9312, it has a
finger guard        and a locking steel blade that sharpens itself. It also has alignment
guides in both metric and standard measurements. All of these cutters are well-made
and make any cutting job much easier and enjoyable. So get one today and start
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