Five Great Reasons to Use Promotional Pens by hkksew3563rd


									?Pens are perhaps the most popular promotional item ever used—literally millions, if
not billions of pens have been given away by countless businesses over the years. If
the overwhelming popularity of promotional pens isn't enough to convince you of
how effective they are, check out these five reasons to choose promotional pens.

The least expensive promotional pens are available for just ?0.09 per item. For a pen
that could potentially last and be used for several months, that's a pretty good deal. If
the extremely cheap plastic pens don't suit your preferences, there is an enormous
variety of pens available very cheaply, with a large number of different pens for well
under ?0.50 each.

A pen a very practical item, and performs a function that most people will have need
of at some point during the day. This makes them ideal promotional items—practical
items that get used often are the best choice for promotional gifts, as every use puts
your advertising message or company name and logo within sight of the person using
the item. It's a very subtle method of advertising, which makes it highly effective.

Pens are small, lightweight, and very convenient to carry around. That means, of
course, that people can and do carry at least one pen on them at all times. Why not let
it be your promotional pen?

The secondary aspect of this convenience and portability is that you'll often find your
promotional pens are used by the owner in front of other people, providing you with
additional advertising exposure and further chances to build awareness of your
company brand.

The variety of pens available is simply enormous. Plastic pens, metal pens, ballpoint,
rollerball, gel pens, stick pens, click pens, twist pens, different colored inks, barrel
styles, clip on pens—the list of different pen styles and types is virtually endless.
There's a huge variety available, and that means more choice for you, and the ability
to select the just the right pen for your needs and preferences.

Pens are very versatile. Not in the sense that you can do a lot of different things with a
pen. You could get creative and build a house made of pens (which might be an
interesting promotional idea!) but that isn't what the word refers to here. Pens are
versatile in the sense that they can used for a variety of different promotional
applications, depending on the type of pen you buy.

Inexpensive plastic pens are ideal for trade shows, conferences and conventions,
where you might give away a large number of items and need to choose promotional
products that won't be prohibitively expensive. For purchase incentives in retail or
online stores, you can choose mid-range metal pens that your customers will love to
own, and will certainly want to buy or receive as a gift. The top-of-the-line executive
pens and pen sets make ideal corporate gifts for clients, customers, and for your
employees, too.

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