Five Great Quartet Dry - Erase Boards For Light Use by hkksew3563rd


									?Whiteboards can be used for a variety things at work, at school, and even at home. If
you're looking for a board for light usage, these five great Quartet products are worth
a look. They're high-quality whiteboards and they can be used in a variety of
environments from your kitchen to the break room at work, the classroom to the
conference room. Lets take a look at five great Quartet dry-erase boards for light use.

1.)Black Dry Erase Marker Board. Dry-erase boards are usually white, so this one
stands thanks to its smooth black surface. The surface is made out of melamine and
it's easy to clean: just use a damp cloth. You can write on it using Glo-Write markers
that contain fluorescent ink for a truly eye-catching message. (They come in four
colors: white, pink, blue, green, and yellow.) These writing surfaces measure 36" x
24" and can hung either horizontally or vertically.

2.)Standard Melamine Classroom Whiteboards. These boards are affordably priced
and come in several different sizes ranging from 2' x 1.5' to 4' x 8'. They're ideal for
use in the classroom and have melamine surfaces and full-length marker rails. Each
one also has a durable aluminum frame and comes with everything you need to install
it. These products are also back by a five-year surface guarantee.

3.)Dry-Erase Lap Boards. These are also great whiteboards that can be used at school,
but they're versatile enough to use in the workplace as well. Two different sizes are
available (9"x 12" and 12 x 18") and you can choose between lined and unlined
versions. Like the other products mentioned in this article, these whiteboards have a
durable melamine surface. Each one comes with a marker as well. And if you prefer a
chalkboard surface, Quartet also manufactures lap chalkboards that are the same sizes
as these whiteboards.

4.)Contour Whiteboards. These products are good for a variety of applications in both
the home and office. They come in a few different sizes with the largest one
measuring 4' x 3' and each one has an accessory tray for your markers and erasers.
You can choose from a couple of different frames including aluminum and oak. Each
one of these writing surfaces comes a free marker as well as everything you need to
install your new board either horizontally or vertically.

5.)Standard Whiteboards. Finally, these are the products to get if you need one that's
the centerpiece of your office or conference room. Each one has a exceptionally
smooth melamine surface that can be easily cleaned with Quartet cleaning products.
There are two frames available so you can choose between a classic wooden frame
and a more modern-looking aluminum one. Finally, these products are easy to install
and come with a marker tray that attaches to the bottom of the board.

These five Quartet whiteboards are great for light, everyday use. Just be sure to clean
yours on a regular basis so that your markers won't stain the melamine surface. If you
do that, your whiteboard can be used for years to come.
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