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					?Which browser do you use? Firefox is my first choice for its powerful features. The
great browser not only provides a new efficient way to keep my computer clean and
protect system security always, but also gives us hundreds of useful add-ons to
enhance personal browser. Fire/Universal Uploader is one of handy files uploader
among these add-ons.

I like this file uploader very much because it is easy to upload my photos, music,
videos and other files to, Flickr, Picasa, Youtube and Facebook if you had
accounts at these sites. Only select files from my folder which stores photos, songs
and videos in computer, and then drop these files directly to main window of
Fire/Universal Uploader. That's all.

The clever uploader immediately uploads all your selected files automatically, but
allows uploading a maximum of 10 files at a time. I used it to manage and download
my photos and videos that saved in my multiple accounts and multiple websites
conveniently using a single interface. The useful uploader is still a little buggy from
time to time, but the idea of a simple, universal interface for the main popular sites is
an interesting one.

You need to add your accounts by clicking on "Manage Accounts" button firstly
before using, and then upload, manage or download any account as you wish. If you
used Firefox browser, the great photos and videos uploader will work well with your
browser. Completely free to use. Enjoy it!