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					?Healthcare outsourcing in India is rapidly growing. This is a result of the fast pace
development of Healthcare industry. Outsourcing business not only provides
numerous employment opportunities but also helps build the economy of the nation.
Being one of the fastest growing, Medical outsourcing in India is well recognized and
acclaimed by companies across the globe.

As per statistics, Healthcare is one of India's largest sectors in terms of both revenue
and employment, but that's not all; this sector is also one of the rapidly growing
sectors in the country. Experts suggest that by 2012, India's healthcare segment would
grow to nearly $40 billion as compared to $34 billion today. Healthcare industry
always plays an important part in the economy of a country and determines the
nation's GDP. Employment openings through the Healthcare Industry are vast, not
only in hospitals and medical institutions but this growth has also led to Outsourcing
of Healthcare Services.

Medical Outsourcing has been on a rise in the recent years and large organizations in
the US and UK outsources their employee healthcare services to countries such as
India. India is a growing country as far is Outsourcing activities are concerned. The
key competencies that India offers as compared to other countries are:
· High Quality Talent Pool
· Proven Track record
· Favorable Governmental Policies for Healthcare
· Cost Savings
· Conventional Medicinal Facilities like Ayurveda
· High Quality Infrastructure

The key outsourcing areas in focus in India are
· Medical Tourism
· Healthcare Customer Care
· Network Support
· Healthcare BPO outbound
· Healthcare analytics

One of the well renowned companies in India acclaimed for its Outsourcing services
is Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd.. With the mission to make their clients more
competitive and a vision to be a globally preferred business process transformation
partner for the clients, creating value in their business through innovative outsourcing
solutions, this outsourcing specialist is known for providing outsourcing solutions to
global customers across various service lines.

In the Healthcare sector, this company proudly stands with over six and a half years of
experience. From Help Desk support, to fixing appointments with doctors, clearing
claims to suggesting medication, the outsourcing companies do it all. Healthcare
Services Outsourcing in India is widely accepted and companies like these make it a
lot simpler. From marketing solutions to Pre- Adjudication, Adjudication to Post
Process and Backend Support, Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd.does it all.