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					?What does it take to find the right Realtor chemistry? That is a good question. The
Realtor you are going to be working with for your real estate transactions can be
someone you work closely with for several months, sometimes up to a year.

Therefore you will want that person to be someone you will want to be around and
work with on this very important and may even be the most important transaction in
your life.

It is proven that many times a home purchase is the largest and by far the most
significant financial purchase in a person's life. Even the person who is a real estate
guru wants to make sure they use an experienced and personable Realtor. This is in
order to make each real estate transaction they have is completed correctly.

The right chemistry for the Realtor you will be working with is specific to you and
your personality. There are people who want to state what they want, and then wait for
the homes to be brought to them. At that point they will point and click through the
choices on the Internet, view a few homes, and then let their Realtor do the rest.
However there are others who want to be a part of the process, with each search, each
view, and each step of the way.

Both of these options and the many variances in between are great. The difference is
that you will want to make sure that the Realtor you choose is one that is able to work
with and accommodate the type of client you would be.

A great Realtor will recognize the type of person you are and will be able to
compliment your real estate transaction with the options for you. Now that you know
what the right chemistry is, how do you find out the different types of Realtor
chemistry that is out there?

The best way to do this is with a little research and work. The first step to take is to
find the local Realtors that are available in the area that you want to complete the real
estate transaction in.

The reason you want a Realtor in the area you will be working in is because they will
know the area, the other Realtors and the market.

After you have compiled a list of several names that you can interview, it is time to do
about three interviews. This can be something that can be completed in a couple days
time. However it is very important. The right Realtor can make all the difference in
the success of your real estate transactions.

During your interview, it will be essential to watch for several different things. The
questions you ask will give you the ability to see the reaction of the Realtor and make
sure that the chemistry you need is there.
The main things you are looking for are:

A winning personality
An open mind
Good negotiation skills
Someone who will listen to your needs

Here are some questions that you can ask that will help provide you with a better idea
of the chemistry with each Realtor.

How much experience does the Realtor have with the area that you are looking at to
make your real estate transaction?
What tools will the Realtor be using to complete your real estate transaction?
Can you talk to a few of their references and prior clients to get a good idea of how
the prior transactions have gone?
What type of negotiations have they been able to work out for others?
Will they be able to fulfill your real estate expectations?

At this point you will want to list the wants and needs you have for your real estate
transaction. You will then be able to set proper expectations with the Realtor and
make sure that the transaction will be completed successfully.

With these interviews complete you will be able to sit down and review each
interview. Then you will want to choose the Realtor who has the chemistry that makes
you most comfortable. You will also be able to choose the Realtor that you will have
the confidence in their work and ethics.

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