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Finding the Right Fit for a Franchise Opportunity


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									?You've decided to take a leap and open a franchise. There is an abundance of
franchise opportunities available, whether they are in the retail or service sector. Most
businesses fall under one of these headings, with one providing a tangible item to
purchase vs. a business that provides some type of service. Many times the
determining factor will lie within your own personality and educational background.
Many franchise services that help you find a match will perform a personality test.
Leadership style, time management, customer service, and many more qualities are
looked at. Some are natural born sales people, while others prefer to manage
employees. Or perhaps you are a behind the scenes worker-bee, instead of a front of
the line, aggressive leader who motivates others.
Some personality qualities are more behavioral rather than skill-based. Some qualities
are based upon level of education. An entrepreneurial type is often thought of as being
highly driven, with a strong Type-A personality. Many franchise owners are simply
hard, disciplined workers who may have a higher level of follow through. While
failure is not an option for some, a strong leader is also one not immune to it. A level
of street smarts is also important for a person to want to succeed with a franchise,
helping to understand the customer better. The most important personality quality for
an entrepreneur to possess is a high level of initiative, and the ability to make things
happen. Regardless if you are the only one involved with the business, vs. a team of
employees, you are the one that drives the ship.
Your educational background will also play a strong role in the type of franchise that
fits your personality. Some businesses require a minimal level of education, typically
a high school degree. However, the more advanced your education is, the higher the
level of skill that can be applied to a franchise opportunity. Leadership skills are
developmentally based upon your personality to a point, but are honed dramatically
based upon levels of education.
There is a franchise opportunity out there for everyone, and the possibilities are
limitless. Your personality and educational background will help direct you in the
right direction, and consider utilizing a test that helps you make the best fit. If you
think you have the knowledge and skill set to start your own business, consider some
of the popular franchise opportunities available today.

About Author:

Natalie Nutter has worked as a adviser for Small Business Franchise for the last 4
years, helping others to get Dry Cleaners Franchise and business.

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