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									?Paris, the romance capital of the world is a very popular tourist destination especially
among newly-weds. This exciting city is the home of haute couture, haute cuisine and
world-famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de
Triomphe, Centre Pompidou and the Musee d'Orsay. There is a wide variety of chic,
sophisticated furnished apartments in Paris to choose from. They are almost always in
excellent condition and combine Parisian charm with modern amenities.
Location is everything

Some of the most sought-after furnished apartments in Paris include those that over
look the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or the Seine or are in the vicinity of the Champs
Elysées, Ecole Militaire, La Sorbonne, Trocadéro or Saint Germain des prés. Renting
out furnished apartments in these locations means you can step out anytime and
marvel at the construction of the Eiffel Tower or admire the famous paintings at the
Louvre. You can also enjoy a cup of café-au-latte at one of the many roadside cafes at
the Champs Elysées, while admiring the fashion sense of the always chic and
well-heeled Parisian women.

Advantages of furnished apartments in Paris

Furnished apartments in Paris are the ideal option for visitors, whether they are
planning on staying for one day or one year. They offer visitors a cost effective
alternative to hotel rooms that charge exorbitant rates that escalate with the proximity
to famous landmarks. Rentals of furnished apartments are on an average 15-30 %
cheaper than hotel rates of similar standard and location.

Furnished apartments in Paris also offer you more space, independence and privacy
for your money as compared to hotels that charge the similar rate. Furnished
apartments in Paris offer you the luxuries of a hotel room with the comforts and
privacy of home. All furnished apartments come fully equipped with cooking facilities
as well as a washing machine, offering you further savings on your laundry and
eating-out bills. For those on a business-cum-pleasure trip, furnished apartments have
the extra space that allows you to conduct undisturbed business meetings. With
furnished apartments you still have a reception desk to help you with any of your
queries and you can also avail of maid and porter services.

Terms for renting furnished apartments in Paris

If you are planning on using an online real estate agent to book furnished apartments
in Paris, here are few things to keep in mind:

? Apartment reservation is only effective after you've made a down payment of an
amount approximately equal to 50% of the rent and also signed and sent across the
general terms and the signed contract.
? You will need to pay a security deposit before checking in at your apartment.
Security deposits vary from 1 to 12 months rent and depend upon the estate as well as
the landlord. This security deposit is refundable and returned to the tenant provided
there has been no damage to the apartment.
? An inventory is done before handing over the keys to you at check-in. A similar
check-out inventory is done before you hand over the keys.
? Cancellation fee of 10% of the total rent is applicable if there is at least one
month's notice. There is no refund of down payment if the cancellation notice is less
than one month.
? For monthly rentals and longer, the gas, telephone and electricity are not included
in the rent and need to be paid by the tenant. Weekly rentals include the gas and
electricity and do not need to be paid by the tenant. Phone bills are based on actual

Thomas Lindblom writes about real state and tips to find the best apartments. Finding
apartments in some places can be a very hard task. Furnished apartments in Paris are
an excellent choice, but they are quite hard to get. The same may happen with other
locations, like when trying to find furnished apartments in London.

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