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									?What is Windows Registry?

Windows Registry acts like a database that stores user settings and personal
preferences about your computer operating system. Is contains thousands of keys,
which specify properties of the operating system and installed programs, how the data
of programs related each other, and the relationship within your computer.

The Windows Registry structure is hierarchic, which contains values. Related values
are grouped into keys, and related keys are grouped into hives. Each time you install
software, update hardware, or update operating system, the number of keys and values
are increased. When you remove the item, the related keys and values should be
removed also. But this is not the reality.

Why is it important to Clean up Your Registry?

Many programs don't remove themselves entirely, and the amount of keys and values
in your Windows Registry is increasing no matter how many software you uninstalled
from your system. This cause lots of unnecessary registry keys, and invalid keys that
point for example to a path of a software or dll that are not available anymore. These
Registry problems will slow down your computer and will cause many unusual error
messages in your computer.

For example, you had uninstalled program that is located at the network, so this
program is not available any more, but uninstall wasn't remove all the keys, so you
have a key that point to this program at network location, to run at startup. What will
happen is that you start your computer, and you will add to your computer boot time
the time out of the network!
Other problems are Viruses and Spyware which use the registry and modify it for their
own purpose. With Registry Software Cleaner you can solve those errors.

Windows Registry errors may cause the following errors:
? System crashes
? Slow computer performance
? Slow boot up time
? System freeze
? Problems in computer shutdown
? Unusual error messages
? Viruses and Spyware existence
? Unwanted pop ups

How to Clean your Windows Registry?

If you want to fix these problems on your computer you should download registry
software cleaner for scanning and fixing all your registry errors. You have some free
registry software cleaner tools and some commercial. The most popular and effective
free registry software cleaner is CCleaner.

The Windows Registry is complex and big. Any wrong change that you will do can
make your computer crashes, freezing or even startup failures. You need registry
software cleaner to do the job for you safely.

These registry software cleaner tools are designed to automate the process of deleting
orphaned and unnecessary settings from your windows registry. This is safe to do, and
in worse case, those programs support full backup of your registry before starting the
cleaning, so in case of error occurs by the software itself, you can always restore the
registry to previous state.


With registry software cleaner you can backup your windows registry and perform
scan and fix all your unnecessary keys in your registry. This will prevents your
computer from unusual errors, and speed up your computer, and boot up time. It is
recommended that you done it on regular basis, and at least backup your registry
before you install new software on your computer.

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