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									?The technology of cheap LCD monitors is encompassed around polarized light
properties. These computer monitors have two liquid crystals that are situated
between polarized sheets, which allow these monitors to be sleek and light. And
because LCD monitors are highly affordable for most people, they are in hot demand.
Even better, LCD monitors take up very little desktop space and they come with
different features to suit the tastes of almost every consumer. When compared to the
traditional CRT computer monitors, LCD monitors consume much less energy.

Size and Resolution of LCD Monitors

Cheap LCD monitors come in a wide array of sizes, usually ranging anywhere
between 15 inches to 28 inches. This allows prospective buyers to be able to find
monitors that meet their requirements and then find the screen size that suits them and
their needs for watching videos and slide shows. Because the aspect ratio is 4:3, this
makes the displayed images come through at a 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution. The best
aspect of these computer monitors is that they have the capability of being viewed in
either a horizontal or vertical position by simply tilting and rotating them to the users'
desired angle.

Color and Contrast of LCD Monitors

Users of cheap LCD monitors can easily adjust the color, contrast, and brightness
through the adjustment keys as well as the OSD controls, which are most often found
on more advanced computer monitors. And these advanced computer monitors have a
lock control for the OSD so no other user can change the monitor's settings without a
password. Also, many high end monitors have multimedia features such as on-board

Benefits of LCD Monitors

There are may benefits of LCD monitors that users enjoy. First of all, the viewing
angle of these monitors is wide, making it not only pleasing to look at, but also
wonderful to use. And when an LCD monitor is compared to a CRT monitor, the LCD
monitor has a more pure color, brighter image, and better contrast ratio. Screen
flickers and magnetic interference are also non existent with these computer monitors.

Some of the newer, cheap LCD monitors come with wall mount options and only use
25 to 50 watts of energy, which is almost half the energy used by CRT computer
monitors. Besides wall mounts, LCD monitors have USB ports and high response

The overall impact of these monitors are enhanced when paired with any desktop or
laptop. And the OSD controls are far from flimsy. Again, many of today's LCD
monitors can be tilted very easily in order to allow the monitor's user angling and
viewing freedom never seen before with any other types of computer monitors.

Although there are many feature loaded, yet LCD monitors on the market, you still
need to be careful before purchasing one of your own. Always ask the store or
manufacturer about any available warranties as well as dead pixel policies. And of
course, unless you have the proper knowledge, do not install these computer monitors
by yourself.

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