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									                                Do you know how to win back a woman?

       Whenever the boy's night is over, and the empty bottles of beer line up the floor to clatter as you
accidentally brush by one when you pass by, and the house is a mess, a woman's patience is tested. Like
everyone else in the world, each of us, whether male or female, has a boiling point, a line that when
crossed can lead to dire consequences that cannot be reversed right away. What if you have gone
beyond that point? She already threw you out on the curb, along with your favorite pair of crusty old
jeans and childhood dreams of becoming a famous rock-star? What do you do, besides asking advice
from your friends or the go-to-guy for relationships, or even spend hours scouring the internet for
advice on how to win back a woman?

        So the inevitable has happened. What now? You want her back. Your life is now a living wreck
because you are not with her. You love her more than life itself, more than the memories of nights of
drowning alcohol in a small town in Mexico. You've been together for quite a long time, the both of
you enduring trends together, sometimes forfeiting the both of your non-compromising stance and
embracing new fads for what they truly are, fleeting modern day novelties. You miss her everyday. You
still want to be with her. You will do anything to get her back. You desperately want to be with her
again. It is a pain that you know will not go away if you don't get her back. In your thoughts you
whisper, asking yourself, pondering, “How to win back a woman?” Now, what should you do?

        A woman is a delicate creature. More often than not, a woman's emotions are their strongest
motivation in decision-making. And it is their emotions that you are going to convince. We are not
saying that you should manipulate a womna's feelings. Sincerity is always the key. Give her the space
she needs to breathe. Don't call her every hour just to hear her voice, or bombard her with text
messages just to see how she will react, though hard as it may seem, this is not behavior that will want
her to take you back. Agree with the her wanted distance, accept your mistakes. And maybe...just
maybe, you'll learn how to win back a woman to have her for the end of time.

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