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Storybird Quick Start Guide

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					                                                                                                                    Quick Glance
                Storybird                                                                                                  Guide

  What is Storybird?                                                         Why Should Teachers Use It?
  Create. Read. Share. Storybird is a collaborative                          Storybird differs from all other storywriting tools by keeping
  storywriting website that embodies all three of these                      the writing environment uncluttered and simple. Students of
  ideas. Born as a way to inspire storytelling with                          almost any age can easily use the professionally designed art
  children, Storybird allows you to easily create and                        on the site to create and then share their stories. Students
  collaborate on powerful, professional looking stories                      don’t get lost in the unproductive and distracting task of
  using artwork provided by a growing and diverse                            choosing fonts, drawing pictures and other elements that
  group of professional artists.                                             provide so many distractions from the importance of creating
                                                                             richly detailed, focused stories.

  Using Storybird
  From the main page, click on “Sign up” to create an
  account or simply click on the Start a Storybird Now
  to start writing your story.                                                        Once you’re ready to go, you will be given the option
                                                                                      to select art for your story by artist or by theme. You
                                                                                      can find more possibilities by selecting the “See
                                                                                      more . . . “ option. The artist option will give you all
                                                                                      the art produced by that specific artist. Themes will
                                                                                      provide you with a selection of images from within
                                                                                      the entire collection linked with that specific theme.

  The Main Window
  Picking your art will then take you to the main
  writing area.

                                             Preview your story by clicking on the icon.
                                                                                                                               saves your
Artwork                                                                                                                        stories
Your                                                                                                                           automatically
selected                                                                                                                       or you can
artwork.                                                                                                                       save manually
Click to see                                                                                                                   by clicking
larger image                                                                                                                   “Save”.
or drag
image onto                                                                                                                     Menu Options
canvass. A                                                                                                                     “Invite
box will                                                                                                                       someone” will
appear                                                                                                                         allow someone
indicating                                                                                                                     to collaborate
where the                                                                                                                      with you on
image will                                                                                                                     the story.
be placed.
Clink and                                                                                                                      “Publish” will
drag also                                                                                                                      place story in
allows you                                                                                                                     the Read
to move                                                                                                                        section of the
artwork                                                                                                                        site for others
around.                                                                                                                        to enjoy.

                                                                                                                               “Save and
                                                                                                                               Close” allows
                                                                                                                               you to exit the
                                                                                                                               area after
               Page Organizer                                                   Story Canvass                                  saving.
               Shows a listing of your current pages. Click and drag            Box will appear indicating
               pages to change order. Use back and forward buttons to           area for text depending on
               see pages out of view. Cover will appear automatically.          placement of images.
                                                                                                         Quick Glance
              Storybird                                                                                         Guide
                                                    Unpublished Storybirds
                                                    All unpublished stories are placed in this area. If you are
                                                    collaborating with someone on a story, an indicator will display
Your Account                                        stating whose turn it is to write.
Once you are logged in, clicking “You” brings       Clicking “Details” will give further information as well as more
you to your account. This area lists books you      options including changing covers and deleting the story.
have published, books you are still working on
or waiting for input from a collaborator and a
Reading List for books written by others that
you want to enjoy later.

While you may only see a few of your items,
“See all” will display all works for that

                                                    Published Storybirds
                                                    Stories that have been published get placed this area. Clicking “See
Invite someone                                      all” will display all your stories plus additional information including
Storybird allows people to collaborate on a story   whether the story is public/private, how many views it has had and the
each person taking turns to add to the story        number of people who have commented on the story. Stories remain
until completed. To collaborate, choose “Invite     private until 1) they have been moderated and 2) the author has
someone” from the menu in the story writing         changed the setting to “public”.
area or from the Unpublished Storybird area.
                                                    Clicking on the individual stories will give you more information and
On the next page, fill in the appropriate details   show comments for that story. You can also access further options by
to start collaborating.                             clicking on Edit stories or Edit details under “About this Storybird”.

                                                    Sharing options are located at the top of the individual story pages.
                                                    You can share through facebook, twitter, stumbleupon or by email. You
                                                    can also embed the story in a blog or website by clicking the link and
                                                    copying/pasting the code on your website.
One of the exciting parts of Storybird is seeing
your works published and shared with others.        Your Reading List
The “Read” section of the website collects and      Stories you have favorited are saved in
organizes all the published stories into            this area.
Featured Storybirds, New and Noted,
Featured Author, and Recent Storybirds.

Featured Storybirds are selected by the
Storybird team as stories that the Storybird
team are excited about and are noteworthy for
being well-crafted stories.

New and Noted are stories that have just been        Using the search menu at top of the screen, you
recently published and gain are chosen by the        can search for writers and artists by name,
Storybird team as being well-written.                specific themes in art and Storybirds by title.
                                                     Type in what you are searching for and click on
Featured Authors highlights an author each           the blue menu arrow to select the type of
week that has created a portfolio of work that is    search.
an example of powerful storytelling and
exceptional use of the Storybird tools to craft

Recent Storybirds contain all published stories
and can be filtered by those stories that are
recent additions, those that are being              Need More Information?
commented on actively by the Storybird
community and those stories that are heavily        Check out
viewed or popular.
                                                    Want to Get Started?
                                                    Go to and get inspired!

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