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					?The most exciting events in your childs life can often be the most daunting as a
parent. From the moment they start to crawl to the time when they take their first
steps and even after that, your house becomes a new adventure to your child and one
that theyll want to explore. As a parent youll want to keep them safe, which means
essentially child proofing your home, but choosing the right [child safety products]
The first step in choosing the right stair getting to grips with the size of stair gate that
youll need. Take a tape measure and measure the gap in which you intend to put your
safety gate, first at floor level and then at 75cm above floor level. We have developed
an easy stair gate finder to allow you to input the top measurement and the type of
gate youre looking for and it will show all of the stair gates that will fit.
There are two types of stair gate, pressure mounted and screw mounted. A pressure
mounted stair gate doesnt require any permanent fixings but does have a trip bar at the
bottom for stability. This means a pressure mounted safety gate is not ideal for the top
of the stairs. A screw mounted stair gate attached to the wall with screws so some
minor DIY will be needed; a screw fitted safety gate is a better alternative for the top
of the stairs and a more permanent solution.
Sometimes a stair gate will need to be fitted to a banister in which case you can check
the box on our stair gate finder and well display the safety gates with the correct and
safest fittings.
Take        a      look       at     the      full    range       of       [stair    gates] and safety
gates available online now in the Safetots safety essentials section of our website or
contact a child safety products expert for more information.