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									?Lani [Lahn-ee] Lalita Star is an award-winning vocalist and expert in the voice's
power to heal and transform lives. She has worked with some of the most respected
names in spirituality and music and has made helping others heal through voice and
song her passion. Welcome Lani.

Full Bio: Lani Star Lani Starr
Lani Lalita Star started training as a vocalist and dancer from childhood under the
guidance of her mother. A legend in her own right, Lani's mother was a well-known
coloratura soprano. She had impeccable musicianship, an immense register, and a
masterful use of "three voices."

Lani's mother excelled at everything she did, from gourmet cooking to fashion design,
and she made sure to pass these traits on to Lani. Once invited to appear on the Ed
Sullivan Show, Lani's mother declined due to her devotion to family and her children.
She recognized Lani's gift at a very young age, saying it "could illuminate even the
darkest of days and that devotional music was a magical window into God's beauty
and love on earth." She gifted Lani with her name and her purpose which, when
translated, means "Heaven" in Hawaiian.

In her last days, Lani's mother asked that Lani share her music and message with the
world. Inspired by her mother's encouragement, as well as her spiritual teachers, Lani
has made music and the power of the harmonic voice her life's purpose and her
spiritual practice.

Lani is currently a prominent member of a multi-million-dollar organization dedicated
to teaching individuals the process of creating abundance and happiness in all areas of
their lives. She has devoted her life to studying the views, actions, and lifestyle of
those who have perfected these skills.

As a speaker, spiritual vocalist, and lecturer, she is one of the few who has attained
admiration in both the business world and as singer/songwriter. At a very young age,
Lani was nominated by Women's World magazine as one of the youngest and most
successful women entrepreneurs in the United States . Over the years she continued to
lend her musical and entrepreneurial genius to help co-produce and direct events to
raise awareness, as well as generate millions of dollars for non-profit organizations.

Being of Hawaiian descent, Lani infuses 28 years of spirituality with a lifetime of
Hawaiian wisdom into her presentations making her programs stimulating and
thought provoking.

Her background in music, vocal expressions, vocal art and sciences, and her
experience as an entrepreneur, as well as her avid quest for spiritual knowledge, give
Lani a unique and powerful ability to address life issues. With her comprehensive and
integrated background, she is considered a "realistic mystic," as she seeks to share this
unique way of living with individuals around the world.

Lani Starr has worked with internationally-celebrated public speakers, actors,
actresses, and recording artists. Her clients include Grammy Award-winning singers,
Academy Award-winning actresses, and an American Idol finalist. Lani has worked
with Cornell, Harvard, and Stanford Universities , as well as with corporations
including Microsoft, Lexus, Time Warner, Wells Fargo, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton,
and The Grand Wailea Resorts.

Lani has toured internationally and shared the stage with numerous celebrated
Grammy Award-winning Healing, New Age, and Devotional Music artists such as:
her beloved partner, award-winning composer and legendary guitarist Bruce BecVar
(Deepak      Chopra     and    Will     Ackerman);    Grammy      Award-winning
pianist/vocalist/composer John Fluker (Windham Hill's New Age Sampler & Gladys
Knight's Band); Charles Brochman (Grammy Award-winning Producer and guitarist
for the band Kohala); Brian BecVar (Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Kitaro, Roberta
Flack, Bobby Caldwell); Steven Halpern (Award-winning new age composer: Oprah,
20/20, CBS 48 hours, John Bradshaw's PBS TV series); and award-winning New Age
composer and producer Steve Gordon (Sequoia Records).

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