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HD MKV Editor for Mac---Edit MKV HD on Mac with MKV Video Editor for Macbook


									?"Mac Video Editing Software / Importing Help!?" This is a common problem that
occurs on people who want to edit their MKV Videos. In fact, with wonderful HD
MKV Editor for Macbook, you can completely work out editting MKV files on Mac.

 So people who want to edit HD MKV Video on Mac only need to find a Mac MKV
Editor to edit MKV HD files.

 Because a MKV Editor for Macbook can not only clip, merge MKV videos, but also
can crop mkv files, adjust effect parameters, capture your favorite pictures from MKV
videos, remove unwanted video sides.

 Now, following guide tells you that how toedit HD MKV files on Mac step by step.
Firstly, you should download Mac MKV Editor, please click here.

Step1:Launch HD MKV Editor for Mac

You'll see the interface after you launch this editting software.

 Step2:Add MKV Videos

Click "Add File" to upload your chosen MKV files from hard drive or desktop.

Step3:Clip MKV Files

Hit "Clip" button, you'll see a smaller clipping panel,and you can set start time and
end time or click "[" , "]" to get video segments that you like.

Step4:Merge Several MKV Videos

Click "Merge" to combine 2 or more MKV files into one if you like.

Step5:Crop HD MKV on Mac

Press "Edit" button to crop MKV files, you can set parameters of left, top, right,
bottom to determine the size of video frame.

Step6:Set Effect Parameters for Macbook

Click "Effect" you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, choose no effect, gray,
emboss, old film as you like.

Step7:Convert MKV for Mac

After you select output video format from drop-up list from profile, you can click
"Start" to convert your MKV videos.

Notes: If you want to edit MKV in iMovie you also can use this software to edit and
import MKV files in iMovie.

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