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 Development Inc.

Annual Report 2007
           313 South Buffalo Street, Suite A
                  Warsaw, IN 46580
             574.267.6311 or 800.776.6311
                                 KDI Mission Statement
 To promote the economic development of Kosciusko County through the retention and expansion
 of existing business and industry, and the attraction of new business investment complementary
 to the improvement of the quality of life.

KDI’s Board of Directors consists of a unique mix of the public and private sector working together to grow business
opportunities in Kosciusko County. Our work is outlined in this 2007 Annual Report. In addition, we look forward
each year to providing a summary of how KDI is active in the economic development effort as well as the results of
many interests in the community to bring business and job growth for our local citizens.

At KDI, we feel it is important to understand that while we are fortunate to live in wonderful community with a
healthy economic and job base, it is vital for long term economic health that we are vigilant in helping our local
companies grow and prosper in whatever way we can. In addition, it is important that we continue to search out and
attract compatible business investment to locate in our community in order to maintain a strong economic and job

We appreciate all of our investors and stakeholders who have contributed to KDI’s effort in the past. If you haven’t
been a part of KDI in the past, we would wholeheartedly welcome your participation in 2008.

                                             Joy McCarthy-Sessing, President
                                             574.267.6311 or 800.776.6311

        Jim Tinkey, 2007 Chairman                                           Wayne Luchenbill, 2008 Chairman

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                Table of Contents
   Building and Land Requests (Pages 4-8)
   Building Permits in the County (Pages 9-13)
   Kosciusko County Assessed Property Value (Page 14)
   Sewer Capacity (Page 15)
   County Major Employers (Pages 16-17)
   County Employment and Earnings by Industry (Page 18)
   Commuting Patterns (Page 19)
   Population of Cities and Towns in County (Page 20)
   KDI Board of Directors (Page 21)
   KDI Investors (Pages 22-23)
   Marketing & Business Growth Assistance (Pages 24-27)

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     2007 Kosciusko Development Inc.
      Building and Acreage Requests
KDI responds to these requests from national site selectors, prospective companies, utility companies and state
                                   **Total submitted requests (62)

                                  Building Requests

                                  Acreage Requests


                                                     4 1
     2007 Kosciusko Development Inc.
           Building Requests (47)
KDI responds to these requests from national site selectors, prospective companies, utility companies and state
                                     **Square Footage Requests

            50,000 -                                      19%
           60,000 s.f.

            30,000 -                                      17%
           50,000 s.f.

            20,000 -                                                             36%
           30,000 s.f.

            5,000 -                                                  28%
           20,000 s.f.

                                                     5 1
     2007 Kosciusko Development Inc.
           Acreage Requests (13)
KDI responds to these requests from national site selectors, prospective companies, utility companies and state

            40 - 50
             A c re s

            30 - 40                                           23%
             A c re s

            20 - 30
                                                                              3 1%
             A c re s

             10 - 2 0
              A c re s

                                                      6 1
                      2007 Buildings & Sites
                       Amenities Requests
KDI responds to these requests from national site selectors, prospective companies, utility companies and state



                                                               Industrial Park
                                                               Railroad Service
                                                               Highway Visibility

                                                      7 1
          2007 Kosciusko Development Inc.
         Manufacturing Requests for Information
KDI responds to these requests from national site selectors, prospective companies, utility companies and state





                                                                         Other (unknown)

                                                     8 1
                            December 2006 & 2007
                                       2006                             2007
                      # of      Cost of Construction   # of      Cost of Construction
                      permits                          permits


New Homes                55         $7,259,094.00          59        $8,799,007.00

New Mfg Homes            39          $464,000.00            8          $114,000.00
Multi-Family              6         $2,087,667.00           0
Remodel & Additions      156        $1,592,416.37          153       $2,188,599.87

New                      22        $28,886,130.00          12       $10,371,462.00
Remodel & Additions      63         $9,163,590.00          50       $11,518,425.00

DEMOLITIONS               9            $52,700.00          14           $71,800.00

  YEAR TO DATE           350       $49,505,597.37          296       $33,063,293.87

                                           9 1
         Industrial & Commercial Permits 2007 – City of Warsaw
Blue Moon Shoes $10,000 Interior Remodel                     White’s Flooring $150,000 Interior Remodel
Global Signal $39,462 Communication Build                    Prism Properties $75,000 Interior Remodel
Kosciusko Family Health Care $10,000 Remodel                 Global Auto $165,000 Addition
Zimmer Inc. $486,000 Remodel                                 JWC Properties $10,000 Interior Remodel
Cascades KR LLC $1,182,000 New Construction                  Citi Mortgage $7,600 Demolition
White Pine Properties $165,000 New Const.                    Long John Silvers $250,000 Interior Remodel
Expressions Salon & Day Spa $425,000 Interior Remodel        Warsaw BP $505,000 New Construction/Demo
Wal-Mart $14,000 Interior Remodel                            Zimmer, Inc. $2,086,000 Interior Remodel
Zimmer, Inc. $21,000 Interior Remodel                        Warsaw Meadows Care $9,600 Repair
Culver Construction $239,000 New Construction                Ramsey/Wiggins $4,000 Interior Remodel
Zimmer, Inc. $104,000 Truck Dock Addition                    Stro-Bro Inc. $180,000 Int/Ext Remodel
Noa Noa $35,000 Addition                                     Gamestop $30,000 Interior Remodel
Rohm & Haas Company $222,000 Addition                        Main Street Coalition LLC $50,000 Addition
Zimmer, Inc. $4,000,000 Addition                             Key West Car Wash $635,000 New Construction
Redpath Fruth Funeral Home $1,000,000 New Construction       Fresh Monkey $5,000 Interior Remodel
T Mobile $45,000 Cell cabinet                                Danco Anodizing $1,022,780 Addition
Service Liquors $10,000 Overhang increase                    Teacher’s Credit Union $1,200,000 New Construction
West Hill Development $2,650,000 New Construction            Warsaw Real Equities, LLC $800,000 Addition
Groninger Enterprises LLC $175,000 Addition/Remodel          Blessed Beginnings Broadcasting $5,000 Ext. Remodel
Zimmer, Inc. $130,000 Addition/Int Remodel                   Agora Investments $25,000 Interior Remodel
Warsaw Real Equities LLC $500,000 Interior Remodel           Indiana America Water $20,000 Electrical

Beaver Dam 4-H Club $20,000 New Construction                 Cardinal Center $30,000 Interior Remodel
Warsaw Com. Public Library $138,800 Addition                 Warsaw Community Schools $33,000 Addition
KCH $47,300 Interior Remodel                                 City of Warsaw $35,000 New Construction
Sacred Heart Schools $32,845 Remodel                         St. Anne’s Church $19,500 Demolition
First Christian Church $3,000,000 New Construction           Church of God $3,000 Interior Remodel
Warsaw Community Church $3,000 Electrial                     Kosciusko County Fairgrounds $7,500 Accessory Structure

                                                     10 1
                       Kosciusko County Area Plan Commission
               Annual Improvement Location Permits Report 2006 & 2007

Buildings and Residential                 # of          Total Dollars      # of    Total Dollars
                                        Permits             2006         Permits       2007
                                         2006                             2007
Agriculture Buildings                     194            $6,633,826.00    229      $8,800,479.00

Commercial Buildings                       32            $6,858,634.00     30      $3,275,249.00

Industrial Buildings                       17            $7,489,000.00     14      $12,892,200.00

Mobile Residential                         32              $467,200.00     29        $508,875.00

Multi-Family Residential                    3              $802,000.00     3          $475,000.00

Public Use Buildings                        7            $1,661,657.00     8        $6,224,525.00

Residential Accessory Buildings           270            $2,969,132.00    286      $3,086,478.00

Residential Additions/Remodel             430            $8,916,923.00    448      $9,067,990.00

Single Family Residential                 299          $52,776,398.00     228      $44,637,212.00

Totals                                    1284          $88,574,770.00    1275     $88,968,008.00

           ** Chart includes Etna Green permits as of July 11, 2007

                                                       11 1
                           Winona Lake Building Permits for 2006 & 2007

Buildings and Residential                                     2006               2007
Commercial Buildings/Restaurant/Conference Centers              2                  1
Church/Healthcare Centers                                       1                  0

Residential Additions/Remodel                                   35                33

Residential Accessory Buildings                                 8                  5

Multi-Family Residential                                        2                  1

Single Family Residential                                       17                11

Misc. (Pools, Decks, etc.)                                      58                65

Totals Dollars                                            $18,452,810.00    $5,016,648.00

                           Etna Green Building Permits for 2006 & 2007

                                                              2006               2007
Buildings and Residential                                                  (1/07 to 7/10/07)
Single Family Residential and Additions/Remodel                 3                 8

Residential Accessory Buildings                                 3                 2

Misc. (Pools, Decks, etc.)                                      1                 3

Totals                                                     $114,330.00       $203,200.00

                                                  12 1
                            Mentone Building Permits for 2006 & 2007

Buildings and Residential                                2006              2007
Industrial/Commercial Buildings                            0                 1

Residential Additions/Remodel                              2                 2

Residential Accessory Buildings                            0                 4

Multi-Family Residential                                   0                 0

Single Family Residential                                  0                 1

Misc. (Pools, Decks, Fence, etc.)                          1                 7

Totals Dollars                                         $77,226.00      $1,495,000.00

                                            13 1
                               Kosciusko County Assessed Property
                                                                         Pct Dist.              (2007           Pct Dist.
Assessed Property Value                       (1999 payable
                                                                       in County            payable in        in County
                                                    in 2000)
Assessed Value by Property Class                    $832,240,760             100.0%        $5,926,322,645           100.0%

 Commercial & Industrial                            $328,960,020              39.5%        $1,276,137,945            21.5%

 Residential                                        $351,162,990              42.2%        $3,940,009,225            66.5%

 Agricultural                                       $113,814,220              13.7%         $599,143,986             10.1%

 Utilities                                                                                    $17,578,850              .31%
                                                     $38,303,530               4.6%
 State Utilities                                                                              $83,375,499              1.4%

 State Railroad                                                                               $10,077,140              .19%

Total Assessed Value Per Capita                                              $11,697                                $77,427

Assessment guidelines have changed dramatically in the past few years. The county is currently assessing at fair market value
and undergoes an annual reassessment with trending. With the increase in assessment, there is a decrease in tax rates.

                                                           14 1
      Sewer Capacity of Kosciusko County Towns and City of Warsaw

Towns/City located in the County           Daily Usage          Maximum Capacity
City of Warsaw       (Center St. Plant)      1,000,000               4,000,000
                 (new plant on 150 W)        1,500,000               3,900,000

Winona Lake      (goes into Warsaw)           500,000                1,000,000
Milford                                       152,000                 250,000
North Webster                                 250,000                 500,000
Pierceton                                     200,000                 400,000
Silver Lake (3-Pond System, control       90,000 to 95,000    10,000,000 to 14,000,000
discharge 10,000,000 twice a year)
Mentone                                   70,000 to 80,000            120,000
Claypool                                         19,000               33,000
Etna Green                                       50,000               85,000
Syracuse                                      500,000                1,050,000
Leesburg                                      100,000        Into Warsaw when completed
Sidney                                           NONE                  NONE

Burket                                           NONE                  NONE

                                          15 1
                               Kosciusko County Major Employers

            Employer                       Address                 No. of               Industry
Zimmer, Inc.                   345 E. Main St. Warsaw              2900      Orthopaedic Goods

DePuy                          700 Orthopedic Dr. Warsaw           1286      Orthopaedic Goods

Biomet, Inc.                   56 East Bell Dr. Warsaw             1213      Orthopaedic Goods

RR Donnelley                   2801 Old Rd. 30 Warsaw              1200      Printed Material

Warsaw Community Schools       1 Administration Dr. Warsaw          900      School

Maple Leaf Farms               9166 N. 200 E. Milford               650      Chicken/Duck Products

CTB, Inc.                      611 N. Higbee St. Milford            600      Farm Feeding Equipment

Kosciusko Community Hospital   2101 E. DuBois Dr. Warsaw            600      Hospital

Dalton Foundries               1900 E. Jefferson St. Warsaw         575      Iron Foundry

Medtronic Spinal & Biologics   2500 Silveus Crossing, Warsaw        540      Orthopaedic Goods

Rinker Boat Co.                300 W. Chicago St. Syracuse          525      Boats

R-Vision Co.                   2666 S. Country Club Rd. Warsaw      473      Recreational Trailers

Cardinal Center                504 N. Bay Dr. Warsaw                450      Sheltered Workshops

Da-Lite Screen                 3100 N. Detroit St. Warsaw           450      Projection Screens

                                                         16 1
                               Kosciusko County Major Employers

        Employer                         Address                   No. of              Industry
Wal-Mart Supercenter           2501 Walton Blvd. Warsaw             405      Department Store

Symmetry Medical               486 W. CR 350 N. Warsaw              385      Orthopaedic Goods
Paragon Medical, Inc.          8 Matchett Dr. Pierceton             325      Surgical Cases

Wawasee Community Schools      #1 Warrior Path Blvd. Syracuse       320      School

Kosciusko County Government    100 W. Center St. Warsaw             295      Government

Creighton Bros./Crystal Lake   4217 W. Old Rd. 30 Atwood            250      Egg Processing

Grace Schools, Inc.            200 Seminary Dr. Winona Lake         270      College

The Papers, Inc.               206 S. Main St. Milford              250      Publishers/Publications

Parker-Hannifin                501 S. Sycamore Dr. Syracuse         220      Rubber Products

Lake City Bank                 202 E. Center St. Warsaw             196      Financial Services/Bank

Otis R. Bowen Center           850 N. Harrison St. Warsaw           189      Counseling/Employee Assist.

City of Warsaw                 302 E. Market St. Warsaw             178      Government

Wabash Valley Mfg.             505 E. Main St. Silver Lake          167      Fabricated Steel Products

SPX Contech                    5 Arnolt Dr. Pierceton               164      Aluminum Die Casting

Spartech Plastics              3454 N. Detroit St. Warsaw           153      Plastic Sheet Extrusion

                                                          17 1
              Kosciusko County Employment and Earnings by Industry 2005
Employment and Earnings by                      Percent                         Percent       Average Yearly
Industry in 2005               Employment     Distribution   Earnings         Distribution     Earnings Per
(NAICS)                                        In County                       In County           Job
Total by place of work               46,248        100.0%    $1,927,104,000          100.0%          $41,669
 Wage and Salary                     37,611         81.3%    $1,420,838,000           73.7%          $37,777
 Farm Proprietors                     1,156          2.5%       $5,970,000             0.3%           $5,164
 Nonfarm Proprietors                  7,481         16.2%     $119,595,000             6.2%          $15,986
Farm                                  1,560          3.4%      $21,018,000             1.1%          $13,473
Nonfarm (Private/Government)         44,688         96.6%    $1,906,086,000           98.9%          $42,653
 Private                             41,312         89.3%    $1,769,277,000           91.6%          $42,827
  Accommodation, Food Ser             2,544          5.5%      $31,994,000             1.7%          $12,576
  Arts, Ent., Recreation               508           1.1%       $6,199,000             0.3%          $12,203
  Construction                        2,324          5.0%      $71,752,000             3.7%          $30,874
  Health Care, Social Serv.           3,615          7.8%     $114,039,000             5.9%          $31,546
  Information                          566           1.2%      $24,879,000             1.3%          $43,956
  Manufacturing                      16,106         34.8%    $1,096,312,000           56.9%          $68,069
  Professional, Tech. Serv.           1,182          2.6%      $30,994,000             1.6%          $26,222
  Retail Trade                        4,951         10.7%     $100,138,000             5.2%          $20,226
  Trans., Warehousing                  716           1.5%      $18,729,000             1.0%          $26,158
  Wholesale Trade                     1,020          2.2%      $96,725,000             5.0%          $94,828
  Other Private (not above)           7,780         16.5%     $172,291,000             8.9%          $22,563
 Government                           3,376          7.3%     $136,809,000             7.1%          $40,524
                                                    18 1
 Commuting Patterns
 (Based on IT-40 Returns for Tax Year 2006)

Kosciusko County resident labor force                                             52,353

Number of persons who live and work in Kosciusko County                           44,640

County residents that work out of county                                           7,713

People from other counties that work in Kosciusko County                           7,714

  Top five counties sending or receiving workers

    Into Kosciusko County Allen County 701                   Out of Kosciusko County Wabash 297
                          Noble County 545                                           Fulton 192
                                                           19 1
 Cities and Towns in Kosciusko County                     Population Estimates by Age in 2006   Number
                            Population   % of County
                               in 2006
              Burket              192          0.3%       Preschool (0 to 4)                      5,328
            Claypool              305          0.4%

         Etna Green               622          0.8%
                                                          School Age (5 to 17)                   14,717
           Leesburg               611          0.8%
            Mentone               907          1.2%
              Milford            1,545         2.0%       College Age (18 to 24)                  6,257
           Nappanee               325          0.4%
      North Webster              1,056         1.4%
                                                          Young Adult (25 to 44)                 21,303
           Pierceton              686          0.9%
              Sidney              157          0.2%
          Silver Lake             994          1.3%
                                                          Older Adult (45 to 64)                 19,401
           Syracuse              3,026         4.0%
             Warsaw             13,082        17.1%
        Winona Lake              4,273         5.6%       Older (65 plus)                         9,535
Total in Town/City Limits       27,781       36.4%
Rural Population                48,760        63.6%
     Outside Limits                                       Median Age                               36.2
     Total County Population 76,541

                                                       20 1
                          KDI Board of Directors 2007

Craig Allebach-Town of Winona Lake            Jo Paczkowski--Bodkin Abstract Co.Inc.
Brad Bishop—Zimmer, Inc.                      Chris Pieri—NIPSCO
John Boal (Secretary)—Grace College           Jean Perrin—Ivy Tech Community College
Dan Brown—Phend & Brown, Inc.                 Steve Rhodes—Kosciusko REMC
Dennis Burch—Burch Realty, Inc.               Bob Sanders—Kosciusko County Council
Larry Coplen—Coplen Construction              Charlie Smith—Lake City Bank
Max Courtney—Mutual Federal Savings Bank      Don Strouse—Colbin Tool
Angela Glass—Town of Silver Lake              Jim Tinkey (Chairman)—Mutual Federal
Dennis Hively—1st Source Bank                     Savings Bank
Joe Kessie —Lake City Bank                    Ron Truex—Kosciusko County Commissioners
Will Linnemeier—ABC Industries, Inc.          Mayor Ernie Wiggins—City of Warsaw
Wayne Luchenbill (Vice-Chairman)-             Dallas Winchester—Town of Milford
    CB Richard Ellis, Warsaw Office           Joy McCarthy-Sessing-KDI/Chamber of
Todd Lybarger—First Financial Bank                Commerce
Greg Maxwell—Farmers State Bank
Jack Moore—Embarq

                                           21 1
                                               KDI Investors 2006 & 2007
1st Source Bank                                             Farmers State Bank

ABC Industries, Inc.                                        First Financial Bank

Ace Hardware of Warsaw, Inc.                                G. I. Printed Tape and Label, Inc
Aggregate Industries                                        Hall & Marose Insurance
Bodkin Abstract                                             Hand Family Foundation, Inc.
Biomet                                                      Himes & Krull, CPA
Builder’s Association of Kosciusko-Fulton County            Ideal Construction
Burch Realty, Inc.                                          Indiana Lakes Federal Credit Union

CB Richard Ellis - Warsaw                                   Indiana Municipal Power Agency
Campbell & Fetter                                           Instrumental Machine & Development
Carey Realty/Dave Carey Excavating                          Kosciusko County
Colbin Tool Co. Inc.                                        Kosciusko County Community Foundation
Coplen Construction                                         Kosciusko REMC
Country Door & Millwork                                     Kuert Concrete
Creative Benefit Solutions                                  Lake City Bank
Dalton Corporation                                          Lake City Enterprise Inc.
Dilling Mechanical Contractors, Inc.                        Lakeside Chevrolet
Edward Jones - Craig Tidball                                LandAmerica

Embarq                                                      Levin, Myer & Sons, Inc.
Ergo Resource Management, Inc.                              Lewis Salvage

Fahl Manufactured Homes, Inc.                               Maple Leaf Farms

                                                         22 1
                              KDI Investors 2006 & 2007

Mutual Federal Savings Bank                    State Farm Insurance Companies - Ot Schroder

National City Bank                             Times Union (Reub Williams & Sons Inc.)

Nelson Beverage                                Town of Leesburg

NG Instruments                                 Town of Milford

NIPSCO                                         Town of North Webster

North Central Cooperative                      Town of Pierceton

Osborn Manufacturing                           Town of Silver Lake

Owens & Company, P.C.                          Town of Winona Lake

Papers (The)                                   City of Warsaw

Paragon Medical, Inc.                          Tri-Lakes Container

Phend & Brown                                  Tranter Graphics

Rohm & Haas                                    Wabash Electric Supply

Rothberg Logan & Warsco                        Warsaw Engineering & Fabricating

RR Donnelley                                   Whitley Products, Inc.

Service Liquors Inc.                           Woodward Realty & Insurance

Spartech Industries                            Zimmer, Inc.

                                        23 1
                        2007 Marketing and Business Growth Assistance

The KDI and Chamber of Commerce staff continue to research and accumulate economic development data throughout the year that
promotes business growth. Both KDI and the Chamber staff receive numerous calls from local businesses, entrepreneurs, and
prospective business developers. A valuable resource to business and community growth is the KDI website. The website offers the
first view of Kosciusko County as a whole and the valuable resources located in the county. The website provides valuable resources
which includes, labor force, available buildings and sites, employment levels by industry, utility services, educational opportunities,
medical services, business assistance, and statistical data. The KDI website was reviewed in 2007 by a national site selector company
and updated to improve its marketability.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation website
On this site you will find a database of available site and buildings, Indiana’s incentives, statistics and industry-specific initiatives.
KDI added and maintains county-wide sites and buildings on this new website.

Manufacturers Directory
A county wide detailed manufacturer’s directory is updated annually to provide current information to local residents, businesses, and
for future development. The directory is available for purchase. There are over 200 manufacturers in Kosciusko County. The
directory was updated in April 2007.

Life Science/Orthopedic Directory
The State of Indiana is a leader in bioscience development. Several state grants and incentives are ear marked for life science
companies in Indiana or companies that plan to locate in the state. Training dollars and educational resources are focused on growing
the science industry and educating our future workforce. Kosciusko County has 34 life science companies. This directory is available
at no cost and was updated by KDI staff in October 2007.

“The Spirit of Enterprise” Printed Marketing Material
KDI provides a marketing folder of the information located on our website for entrepreneurs and businesses interested in locating in
the county. The spirit folder provides informative data to promote business and community growth. Other specific information is
    included in this folder related to the business interest. The data is updated semi-annually or as needed to keep the information

                                                                   24 1
Small Business Resource Information
KDI and the Chamber provide a small business resource packet to local entrepreneurs at no cost. Some of this information is provided
by the Small Business Development Center. Local and state governmental contacts and resources are also provided in this packet.

Business Revolving Loan Program
KDI applied for and was awarded an Indiana Rural Development Council (IRDC) Grant in 2005 to establish a local revolving loan fund
for small businesses. The IRDC designated grant dollars to KDI amounting to $90,400 for the loan program. To qualify for a loan the
business must be located in Kosciusko County or be expanding by locating a facility in the county to apply for a loan. The business
must have 25 employees or less and annual gross revenue of two million dollars or less. The business must also maintain or create new
jobs. Six local financial institutions invested $25,000 each to this new loan program. Each investor (Beacon Credit Union, Farmers
State Bank, Lake City Bank, First Financial Bank, 1st Source Bank and Mutual Federal Savings Bank) has a representative that serves
on a committee that makes decisions on loan recipients. In 2007, one small business loan was finalized that will create 3 new jobs and
improve the stability of this company.

Community Development Action Grant (CDAG)
KDI staff wrote a grant proposal for the 2006-07 funding years. KDI received a $30,000 grant for the 2006-07 funding cycles. This
funding cycle ran through June 2007. The CDAG was used to expand economic development services in Kosciusko County.

Kosciusko County Community Foundation Grant
KDI received a grant from the Kosciusko County Community Foundation to assist with marketing a county-wide business expo. The
expo provided an excellent opportunity for local businesses to market their services and products.

Kosciusko County Manufacturer’s Council
KDI sponsored four manufacturers meetings in the county in 2007.
--“No Cost Services and Training Grants to Assist Hoosier Businesses” Mary Sue Freitag, Workforce Development and Dietra
Rosenkoetter, Purdue University, Technical Assistance Program discussed how businesses can access the no-cost services and
reimbursement training grants available to Hoosier businesses.
--” Leadership and Team Concept” Dr. Thomas Capozzoli, Purdue professor of organizational leadership and supervision shared his
valuable insight in developing work teams in business and industry.
     --”Aligning Your Business and Employees for the Future Growth” Melissa Denton, Workforce and Economic Development Ivy
      Tech and Jim Gregar, Small Business Development Center provide businesses with information on how they can continue to grow
      and thrive in the current business climate.

                                                                25 1
--“Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Issues and Challenges for (Greening) the Modern Industrial
Facility” Rodney Handy, PhD, Purdue University professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology addresses some of the issues and
challenges companies face in today’s industrial environment.

Business Retention & Expansion Committee was established in 2006 by the KDI board of directors. The board agreed that KDI
should focus its efforts towards keeping the businesses we have in the county. The committee visits manufacturing businesses in the
county. They address company needs and how KDI can assist them in the future to stay and/or expand in the county. Ten company
visits were scheduled in 2007.

                                      The Small Business Development Center

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is dedicated to helping small businesses with a variety of free or low-cost services
including one-on-one business advising, workshops/courses, and business planning software, library resources to facilitate their success.
In 2007, the South Bend SBDC was responsible for a nine-county area. The SBDC has established Resource Network which includes
accountants, attorneys, bankers, Chambers, economic development organizations and universities. The SBDC receives financial
support from the Small Business Administration, Indiana Economic Development Corporation and economic development organization
(KDI) in the outlying counties.
Business Advising: At the core of SBDC services is individualized business advising. Clients can meet privately with an advisor, or a
team of advisors if need be, to learn more about their particular concern, whether it be starting a business or growing an existing one.
Seminars, Workshops & Courses: The SBDC offers a variety of learning opportunities for clients. They have classes that will help
clients learn everything from start-up fundamentals to how to write a strategic plan.
Market Data/Research: The SBDC has various software programs to help clients with market research. Some of the services they
provide can include generating business prospect lists.
Financial Statement Analysis & Review: Through the use of a software program called BizBench, the SBDC can generate reports,
based on a client’s financial information, which will help analyze internal data in comparison to previous years and/or a particular
Software Resources: The SBDC shares resources from the 12 regions in Indiana. They sell software that helps with business start up,
how to develop a business or strategic plan and if your business venture makes sense.
Published Reference Materials: At the SBDC Library, clients can find business periodicals, books, and other resources as they
     research information for their business.

                                                                 26 1
The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE): SCORE volunteers share their management and technical expertise with business
owners and entrepreneurs of small businesses. The volunteer counselors are matched with small businesses that need expert advice.
John Crum is the local SCORE counselor; he has been a SCORE volunteer for 16 years. John owned and operated, Crum Garage in
Warsaw for many years. He also sells motivational, marketing, and business assistance material to educate and train entrepreneurs.

                     Business Growth Assistance—KDI promotes Small Business Development
                             KDI Sponsors One-on-one Counseling for Kosciusko County residents

Organization                                                     Activity-2007
Small Business Development Center (SBDC)                        58 Clients

Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)                     10 Clients (20 hours) with Kosciusko County clients

                                                          Client Profiles
                                    Clients who use the individual counseling sessions in 2007
Type of Business:                                                                          Ethnic Background-Race:
Retail           (5)                        Manufacturing            (3)                   Black/African American (2)
Service         (14)                        Construction             (1)                   White                  (54)
Wholesale       (2)                         Not in Business        (32)                    Asian                   (2)
Art             (1)                         In Business             (26)

Business Ownership Gender:                 Business Ownership Veteran:                     Ethnicity:
Male           (35)                        Veteran               (7)                       Hispanic                       (1)
Female         (23)                        Disabled              (0)

                                            2007 Training Workshop
Workshop Title:
Business Feasibility “ Can I Make Money at This” (March 2007)
    This workshop helps entrepreneurs analyze the feasibility of their business and make the right decision as to how to proceed.
                                                                                 Printed with financial assistance from
                                                                                 Kosciusko REMC.

                                                                 27 1

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