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									Renewable Energy Technologies
x Wind Energy x Small Hydro x Solar
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Photovoltaic Solar Water Heating Passive Solar Heating Solar Air Heating

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Biomass Ground-Source Heat Pumps Emerging technologies
Natural Resources Canada Ressources naturelles Canada CANMET- EDRL

Wind Energy
R o t o r B la d e W in d N a c e lle w it h G e a rb o x a n d G e n e ra to r

H ub H e ig h t W in d Tower

Worldwide installed capacity: 10,000 MW Canadian: 126 MW (25,200 homes) Remote communities: 630 kW (210 homes)

Wind Energy
x Needs:
Good winds Coastal areas, hilltops, E-W valleys

x Minimum average windspeed :
4.5 m/s at 10 metres

x 3 types of wind energy systems:
central grid isolated grid off-grid
750 kW machine

Wind Energy
x Capital cost: $1,000 - 4,000/kW x Cost of energy: $ 0.05 to 0.20/kWh x Economy of scale x Payback: 5 - 15 years

2 X 80 kW turbines Kugluktuk, NWT

Wind Energy
Operational considerations
x Technology proven x Low operation and maintenance costs x Trained operator needed x Repairs require special expertise x Other considerations

Small Hydro

Small Hydro
x3 configurations:
dam run of river diversion

Small hydro plant installed in rural Quebec

Small Hydro
x 1,500 MW existing/1,500 MW potential in Canada x Power output depends on the available water (flow) and the head (drop in elevation) x Capital cost: $ 1,500 - 7,000 / kW x Cost of energy: $ 0.05 to 0.20 / kWh x Maintenance: $ 0.015 / kWh x Payback: 10 to 40 years

Small Hydro
Operational considerations
x Proven technology in wide use x Stand alone system x Low maintenance costs x Environmental
fish and flooding

x Ownership/shared use x Utility regulations

Photovoltaics (PV)
Direct conversion of sunlight electricity

Photovoltaics (PV)
x Worldwide installed capacity: about 800 MWp x Canadian installed capacity: 4.5 MWp x Wherever sun shines
Off-grid, remote, north More energy  at lower temperatures

x Stand-alone with battery storage

Nunavut Arctic College Iqaluit, Nunavut PV Power 3.5 kWp

Photovoltaics (PV)
x x x x Capital cost: $ 5,000 - 20,000 / kW Cost of energy: $ 0.37 to 4.50 / kWh No economy of scale Payback: 0 to 70 years

Tanquary Fiord (81° N), Ellesmere Island, Nunavut

Photovoltaics (PV)
Operational considerations
x Technology proven x Many applications
cottages remote camps communications navigation signals water pumping

x Low operation and maintenance costs x Repairs may require special expertise

Passive Solar Heating
Building elements are used to collect, store and distribute solar heat internally.

Passive Solar Heating
x Supplying energy in the heating season x Solar gains available through south facing windows x Best to use high efficiency windows x Store heat within building structure x Can reduce heating cost to less than half x Payback: 0 to 10 years

Passive Solar Heating

Waterloo Green Home, Waterloo, Ontario

Passive Solar Heating
Operational considerations
x Technology proven x Viable at any latitude x For new construction - no cost increase x For retrofit - low cost x No additional operation and maintenance costs

Solar Water Heating

Solar radiation is captured by a solar collector. A circulating fluid transfers this energy to a storage tank. Heat is transferred from storage tank to hot water tank.

Solar Water Heating
x Wherever the sun shines x 13,000 active solar domestic hot water systems in Canada x 300 commercial & industrial systems in Canada

Building Application

Solar Water Heating
x 30,000,000 m² of collectors worldwide x Costs : $ 3,000 - 6,000 installed for a typical Canadian house hot water system x Payback: 5 to 12 years
Solar Water Heating for Salmon Hatchery Collector Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Solar Water Heating
Operational considerations
x Technology proven x Viable at any latitude x New and retrofit applications x Operation and maintenance costs medium level x Repair by qualified plumber x Freeze protection required

Solar Air Heating
Cold air is heated as it passes through small holes in the metal absorber plate. A fan circulates this heated air through the building.

Solar Air Heating
x Reduces building heat loss during the winter x Good indoor air quality

150 m² on Recreation Center, Fort Smith, NWT

Solar Air Heating
x Energy savings $ 10 - 60/m² of collector (during heating season) x Payback: 1 to 10 years

Bombardier plant, St-Laurent, Quebec

Solar Air Heating
Operational considerations
x Technology proven x Need south facing wall area > 15 m² x Current applications - institutional, commercial and industrial buildings x Particulary suitable for new construction x Low operation and maintenance costs x No specialist required depending on

x Traditional fuel
1.5 million houses in Canada 6% of Canada energy’s supply

x Biomass fuel types
wood, agricultural, municipal  wastes and sewage

x Common applications
space heating electricity generation industrial process heating

Residential wood heating
x Equipment selection x Installation x Operation x Safety

Larger systems
x x x x

Building/district heating Electricity generation Fuel types Typical cost: 160 kW = $80,000 x $1.85 to 2.90/MBtu x Typical paybacks: 2-12 years x Operator qualifications Small-commercial biomass heating system Prince Edward Island and safety

Ground-Source Heat Pumps
x Large potential in Canada x Capital cost $ 900 /kW x Cost of energy : $ 0.03 to 0.075 /kWh

Ground-Source Heat Pumps
x 30,000 Ground-Source heat pumps in residences E a r th b a c k f ille d tr e n c h in Canada x 3,000+ units in industrial and commercial buildings

R e v e rs e re tu rn h e a d e r
( t o b a l a n c e p r e s s u r e lo s s e s )

S u p p ly h e a d e r G ro u t
(a n d e a rth b a c k f i ll w h e n p e r m i t t e d )

B o r e h o le G r o u n d lo o p p ip e U -b e n d

Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Residential ground-source heat pump installation

Ground-Source Heat Pumps
Operational considerations
x Technology proven x New / retrofit applications x High front end cost x Operational and maintenance costs - low level

Emerging technologies
x Solar thermal power x Ocean thermal power x Tidal power x Ocean current power x Wave power

x Focus has been on applications
with immediate potential that offer practical benefits to users

x But there are specific considerations x Lots of success stories x Lots of information, help and resources available

“Our traditional Cree values and practices emphasize conservation and respect for the environment”. “Our housing here in Ouje-Bougoumou is R2000 plus”. “The district heating system is making it possible for our housing program to be self-sufficient”. Chief Abel Bosum, Ouje-bougoumou

Where next
x Expertise x Preliminary feasibility studies (RETScreen) x Financing x More information

RETScreen Renewable Energy
Project Analysis Software
x Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (easy-to-use & low cost) x User manual & supporting databases x Decision-support & capacity-building tool x Available free-of-charge (French & English)

RETScreen Software:

Integrated & Standardised Tool
Energy Model Worksheet
Solar Resource, Heating Load, Hydrology, etc. SubWorksheet

Cost Analysis Worksheet

Financial Summary Worksheet

Product database Weather databases Online manual

Sensitivity Analysis

Benefits of RET Screen
x Significantly reduces assessment costs and time - at least 1 order of magnitude! x Allows quick identification and/or verification of EE/RET project implementation opportunities leading to a reduction in GHG emissions and energy costs x Helps overcome major barrier by increasing

Common Platform For Assessing Potential Projects

How do I get RETScreen?

Information sources
x CANMET Energy Diversification Research Laboratory (CEDRL) 1-450-652-4621 Email: Web Site: x Provincial and Territorial Energy Offices
Natural Resources Canada Ressources naturelles Canada


Information sources
x Natural Resources Canada through the: Energy Technology Branch
Email: Web site:

Renewable and Electrical Energy Division
Web Site:

Office of Energy Efficiency
Tel.: 1-800-387-2000 Email: Web Site:

Information sources
x Trade Associations:

Email: Web Site:

Email: Web Site:


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