Financing A Small Business

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					?Are you financing a small business? Seeking out the right lender will be one of the
biggest challenges you will face as a small business owner. Here are some simple
steps that will help you find the right lender when you are financing a small business:

1. Know yourself. The first thing you need to do is take a look at your skills, your
education, your work ethic, and your goals. You need to make sure you have the
ability to work hard and convince a lender that you can use their money wisely and
create a profitable business. Lenders will look for individuals that have the lowest risk
factor possible. By getting a college education and having a lot of work experience,
you can easily convince a lender of your abilities to run a successful small business.

2. Understand the importance of corporate credit. Your corporate credit rating plays a
huge role in your ability to secure future financing. A corporate credit rating is
basically a history of all the financing you have secured for your business. As long as
you have been able to repay your loans in a timely manner, you will have a strong
corporate credit rating. When you have a high corporate credit rating, lenders see you
as a low risk as you are able to repay your loans and you dont borrow more than you
can afford.

3. Know your cash flow. When you are financing a small business you need to know
what your cash flow situation looks like. Your cash flow shows a lender how much
money you can afford to pay towards a new loan and if you can even afford to acquire
an additional loan for your business.

4. Develop a strong business plan. In order to convince a lender to offer you financing,
you need to show them what type of business you are going to run and how you plan
to run it. If they feel that you have a strong business plan, you will easily be able to
acquire the funding you need for your small business.

5. Provide the lender with a list of all the money you need and where all of the money
will go. This allows the lender to see where their money is going and how soon you
plan to repay the money. If you only borrow what you need, the lender will see you as
a lower risk and this will help to strengthen your business credit rating.


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