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									?Having a financial strategy is one of the best and most reliable ways to insure
yourself against financial problems in the future. When you have a plan, have
organized your income appropriately, you are in a position to save and invest at your
own discretion. You are able to manage your money without having constant worry
and stress related to not having money or inadequate funds now and in the future. This
should be followed both at the home and business front.

When coming up with a financial strategy, you need to gather the facts of your current
financial situation. You should have a basic idea of your income and expenses. After
this assessment, set some financial objectives. Put down your short, medium and long
term income requirements, estimates of expenses, and other needs. You will have a
general guideline of what you need to do now, soon and in the distant future.

At this point, it is a good idea to get advice from an independent financial expert who
can give you the various options available and what would suit your pocket. They will
analyze your financial portfolio and come up with a financial strategy that suits your
objectives. This may need to be updated on a regular basis because your needs will
change constantly. A review of your portfolio will determine if you need to change it
or not. You will then have a draft plan which should incorporate all the advice and
recommendations that has been gathered.

It is necessary to review the draft and make any necessary modification. The final
draft should then be agreed on and implemented as the financial strategy. Constant
reviewing and management will make it possible to keep track of your strategy and
help you achieve your goals.

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