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                   JOB DESCRIPTION


Part 1 -       Particulars of Office

Part II -      Qualifications/Person Specification

Part III-      General Accountability
               Outline of Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Appointment to the post of Consultant Anaesthetist is wholetime (37 hours per
     week) on a Type B basis under the Consultants’ Contract 2008. The post is
     permanent and pensionable.

  2. Remuneration
     Remuneration is in accordance with the salary scale approved by the
     Department of Health and Children – Type B Consultant Contract 2008.

  3. Duties
     The Consultant Anaesthetist will perform such duties as are outlined in Part III
     of this Job Description and assume any other responsibilities that are
     applicable to the full discharge of this post.

  4. Hours of Work
     The appointment is for a 37 hour weekly commitment at the Royal Victoria
     Eye and Ear Hospital (23.5 hours) and St Vincent’s University Hospital (13.5
     hours) in line with the following schedule:

     Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital
        a. 15 hours per week for Theatre activity
        b. 4 hours Pre and post op patient care
        c. 1.5 hours Consultation services
        d. 1.5 hours per week for services to pre-admission clinics
        e. Participation in the Anaesthesia on-call rota

     Scheduling will require flexible allocation of theatre time.

     St Vincent’s University Hospital
        a. 10 hours per week for Theatre activity
        b. 2 hrs for pre and post op patient care as required.
        c. Consultation services as required.
        d. 1.5 hrs per week for services for pre-admission clinics
        e. Participation in the Anaesthesia on-call rota.

     Daily scheduling of the above hours will be agreed with the Hospital Chief
     Executive in consultation with the Head of the Department of Anaesthesia
     prior to commencement in post. Starting and finishing times will vary to suit
     the particular needs of the department to which you are assigned and will be
     agreed with your Head of Department or his/her designated deputy. You will
     be expected to be available for overtime or emergency service as the needs of
     the hospital demand.

  5. Probation
        a. Appointment to a Consultant post is dependent upon the satisfactory
           completion of a probationary period of 12 months. The probationary
           period may be extended at the discretion of the Employer for a period
            of not more than 6 months. In such event the specific reasons for the
            extension shall be furnished in writing to the probationary Consultant.
       b. At the end of the probationary period, the Employer shall either:
                 i. certify that the Consultant’s service has been satisfactory and
                    confirm the appointment on a permanent basis;
                 ii. certify, with stated specified reasons, that the Consultant’s
                     service has not been satisfactory, in which case the Consultant
                     will cease to hold his/her appointment;
       c. If the Employer should fail to certify in accordance with (b) above, the
          Consultant shall be deemed to have been appointed on a permanent
       d. The Employer undertakes to advise the probationary Consultant on a
          timely basis of issues likely to result in the termination or extension of
          the probationary period.
       e. A Consultant who currently holds a permanent Consultant appointment
          in the Irish public health service will not be required to complete a
          probationary period should (s)he have done so already.
       f.   A Consultant will not be required to complete the probationary period
            where (s)he has for a period of not less than 12 months acted in the
            post pending its filling on a permanent basis.
       g.   During the probationary period, the probationary Consultant will be
            subject to ongoing review and a formal review will take place not more
            than 6 months after the date of first appointment on a probationary
       h.   In cases where an allegation of serious misconduct is made against a
            probationary Consultant, the matter will be dealt with in accordance
            with Stage 4 of the Disciplinary Procedure (attached at Appendix II).
            This does not affect the Consultant’s statutory rights under the
            Industrial Relations Acts, 1946-2004 or any other statute.
       i. In the case of joint appointments, the holding of any one part of the
          post is contingent on continuing to hold the other part or parts of the
       j. Employment may be terminated by either party during the
          probationary period. Should employment be terminated by the
          Employer, the Employer shall set out in writing the specific reasons for
          such termination.
6. Annual Leave
   The annual leave entitlement is currently 31 days per annum.
7. Superannuation
   For existing modified rate of PRSI (Class D) pensionable officers of the
   Voluntary Hospital Superannuation Scheme 1969 (as amended 1977), and its
   allied Spouses and Childrens pension scheme, the standard rate of contribution
   is 5% of gross pensionable remuneration with an additional 1½ % of gross
   pensionable remuneration in respect of Spouses and Children’s pension
   schemes. From the 6th April, 1995 the Voluntary Hospital (Officers)
   Superannuation Scheme provides for the introduction of a co-ordinated
   superannuation scheme. A person (officer) entering service for the first time
   or re-entering after a break in service will be obliged to pay the full rate of
   PRSI (Class A). Superannuation contributions will be deducted in the
   following manner: deduction of 3½ % of net pensionable remuneration (gross
   pensionable remuneration less twice the current rate of the old age pension)
   and 1½ % of gross pensionable remuneration in respect of the main scheme
   with an additional 1½ % of gross pensionable remuneration in respect of
   Spouse and Children’s Scheme.

   Please note for employees becoming pensionable under the Voluntary
   Hospital Superannuation Scheme on or after 1st July 1995 benefits will be
   preserved on completion of two or more years pensionable service. For
   further information please contact the Superannuation Officer

8. Sick Leave
   Granting of payment of salary during illness is discretionary and conditional
   on the employee complying with the conditions laid down in the hospital’s
   sick leave policy and will be in accordance with Department of Health and
   Children regulations.

9. Termination of Office
   The employment may be terminated at any time by one months’ notice on
   either side except where circumstances are dictated by the Minimum Notice
   and Terms of Employment Act 1973/77. The Management’s right under this
   paragraph shall not be exercised save in circumstances where the Management
   is of the opinion that the holder of the office has failed to perform
   satisfactorily the duties of the post or has misconducted himself/herself in
   relation to the post or is otherwise unfit to hold the appointment.

10. Confidentiality
    In the course of your employment you may have access to, or hear information
    concerning the medical or personal affairs of patients and/or staff, or other
    health service business. Such records and information are strictly confidential
    and, unless acting on the instructions of an authorised officer, on no account
    must information concerning staff, patients or other health service business be
    divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty. In addition
    records must never be left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can
    obtain access to them and must be kept in safe custody when no longer
11. Garda Clearance / References
   The appointment is subject to Garda Clearance and satisfactory references in
   line with application conditions. You will be required to complete a voluntary
   declaration at the recruitment stage in respect of criminal convictions that may
   be recorded against you.
12. Medical Examination
   The appointment is subject to receipt of a satisfactory medical report.

13. Location
    In the case of major changes taking place in the character of the work being
    carried out by the hospital this may include relocation to another service area
    within the Health Service Executive. You will be given as much notice of any
    such changes to duties/place of work as is reasonably practicable.

14. Working Together
    In working together employees are expected to display a positive, helpful and
    caring attitude in the way they conduct themselves encouraging the confidence
    of patients, colleagues and others.

15. Data protection
    Computer data should only be accessed if this has been authorised and is
    necessary as part of work. Unauthorised access, to computers or helping others
    to access such data will result in disciplinary action being taken.

16. Personal Property
    The Hospital does not accept responsibility for money, valuables or other
    property lost or damaged on the premises, whether by fire, theft or otherwise.

17. Quality
    Patient satisfaction must be to the forefront of your concern. Every patient is
    to be treated as an individual and provided with a high quality service in terms
    of courtesy, kindness, interest and efficiency.

18. Health & Safety
    Fire orders must be observed and staff must attend fire lectures periodically. All
    accidents within any Department must be reported immediately. In accordance
    with the Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005 all staff must comply with all
    safety regulations.

19. Car Park Facilities
    The Hospital is not responsible for the provision of car parking facilities for
    staff. A limited number of parking spaces are currently available. These are
    allocated subject to an annual charge in accordance with Hospital policy. You
    should note that there is currently a substantial waiting list for these spaces.
    Such facilities cannot be guaranteed into the future. Cars are parked on
    Hospital premises at the owner’s risk.
20. Expenses
    The Hospital will not be liable for travelling or other expenses incurred by
    candidates who may be required to attend for interview.

21. Ethical
The person appointed will be required to operate to the highest ethical
standards and have regard to ethical guidelines drawn up at a National or
Hospital level
The rate and pace of change in the health service is such that the post holder
will be required to update their knowledge and skills to fit the changing
requirements of the service. Therefore, this Job Description is an outline of
the current broad areas of responsibility and accountability and should not be
regarded as a comprehensive listing. It will be reviewed and updated in line
with future needs.

1) Qualifications and/or experience

   Registration as a Specialist in the Specialist Division of the Register of Medical
   Practitioners maintained by the Medical Council in Ireland (this will vary between
   posts in different specialties and sub-specialties)

   In addition the successful candidate will possess and demonstrate:

      A record of international level research, with a clear track-record in scientific
       research, as evidenced by relevant publications in international peer-reviewed
       literature and/or prior research grant funding
      Teaching experience and knowledge of current issues in medical education.
      The drive, energy and initiative to promote change in a challenging and
       dynamic environment
      The appointee will have excellent interpersonal skills, and must be able to
       demonstrate a track record of successfully functioning in a team environment

2) Health
   A candidate for and any person holding the office must be fully competent and
   capable of undertaking the duties attached to the office and be in a state of health
   such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and
   efficient service.

3) Character
   Each candidate for and any person holding the office must be of good character

4) Age
   Age restriction shall only apply to a candidate where he/she is not classified as a
   new entrant (within the meaning of the Public Service Superannuation
   Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2004). A candidate who is not classified as a new
   entrant must be under 65 years of age on the first day of the month in which the
   latest date for receiving completed application forms in the office occurs.

5) Entry to competition / recruitment process
   For the purposes of eligibility for entry to any competition or recruitment process
   associated with this post, applicants currently in employment as Senior or Specialist
   Registrars in HSE or HSE-funded agencies may participate in the competition on the
   basis that, on the latest date for receipt of applications, they are within 6 months (26
   weeks) of certification of completion of specialist training and that evidence for
   same is provided from the relevant recognised postgraduate medical training body in


This post is a shared post between the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (23.5
hours) and St Vincent’s University Hospital (13.5 hours).
They are both university teaching hospitals, affiliated with University College Dublin.

Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital

The RVEEH is the National Eye centre & a tertiary referral centre for
otorhinolaryngeal surgery.        Subspecialty services include vitreoretinal and
oculoplastic surgery head and neck cncer surgery and major ear surgery. The
Department of Anaesthesia at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital is affiliated to
the South East Dublin Department of Anaesthesia Group of Hospitals (SEDDA), with
Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin, and with St James’s Hospital. The
staff complement at present comprises five consultants, shared with St Vincent’s
University Hospital, Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children and with St James’s
Hospital, and, four trainees (basic specialist trainee grade) from the Eastern Regional
Anaesthetic Training Scheme and from SEDDA rotations. The Department of
Anaesthesia is recognised for basic specialist training by the College of Anaesthetists

Teaching comprises in-house tutorials and examination preparation, attendance at the
weekly SEDDA grand rounds at St Vincent’s University Hospital and biannual
departmental morbidity and mortality meetings. A nominated consultant acts as
College of Anaesthetists tutor.

The Department provides anaesthetic and perioperative care to approximately 7,500
adults and children (5,000 ophthalmic procedures, 2,500 otorhinolaryngology
procedures) annually in a 5 theatre suite complex with one induction/minor
procedures room, a 5 bed post anaesthesia care unit and a 2 bed high dependency unit.
Approximately 50% of procedures are performed on ambulatory surgery/day care
basis (3,384 in 2007).

Pre-operative assessment nurse run clinics, supervised by the Department of
Anaesthesia review approximately 2,500 patients annually.

This consultant appointment at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital will support
expanding surgical services, teaching and training, and in addition the post will allow
expansion of high dependency and acute pain services and development of research

St Vincent’s University Hospital
St. Vincent’s University Hospital is a 538 bedded teaching hospital. The catchment
area has a population of approximately 360,000 people and is situated in Dublin Mid
Leinster/South Dublin Hospitals Network. The hospital provides a comprehensive
range of medical, surgical, radiology, pathology and other services for this region and,
at the present time for some areas outside it.

The hospital is part of the teaching facility at University College Dublin and
undertakes undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and training. The appointee will
have the opportunity of participating fully in all the research and academic activities
of the Department of Anaesthesia and will be encouraged to develop their own
research interests. They will also be expected to participate in teaching with special
emphasis on undergraduates. The appointee will be a member of the Medical Board of
St. Vincent’s University Hospital.

The appointee will have full access to all the academic facilities available at the St.
Vincent’s University Hospital site and through its association with the Faculty of
Medicine, University College Dublin.

From 1st January 2009, St Vincent's University Hospital buildings and grounds will
be smoke-free.

General Accountability
The chosen person will:
   1. Maintain throughout the hospital awareness of the primacy of the patient in
       relation to all hospital activities.
   2. Demonstrate behaviour consistent with the values of the hospital.
   3. Actively participate in and promote continuing education and research
       activities consistent with the position.
   4. Promote open communications throughout the hospital.
   5. Maintain the highest standards in teaching anaesthesia to trainees/junior
   6. Be expected to participate in the supervision of postgraduate students and
       conduct research.

The chosen person will:
   1. Act as Consultant Anaesthetist under the Council of the Royal Victoria Eye
       and Ear Hospital and the Board of St Vincent’s University Hospital.
   2. Participate in the development, administration and provision of Anaesthetic
       services at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital and St Vincent’s
       University Hospital.
   3. Provide emergency cover/on-call as required at the Royal Victoria Eye and
       Ear Hospital and St Vincent’s University Hospital.
   4. Provide anaesthetic advice and opinion for management of in-patients and day
       care patients.
   5. Maintain a programme of continuing medical education applicable to the
       responsibilities of the post
6. Participate in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching for medical, nursing
   and other staff.
7. Participate in research and clinical audit.
8. Liaise with the Chief Executive and the Hospital Management Group in all
   matters pertaining to the efficiency of the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital
   and with the Chief Executive and the Board in matters pertaining to the
   efficiency of St. Vincent’s University Hospital.
9. Perform such other duties appropriate to his/her office as may be assigned to
   him/her by the Chief Executive/Hospital Management Group of the Royal
   Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital and the Chief Executive/ Board of St Vincent’s
   University Hospital.

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