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Filter Sand and filter Gravel for Water Filtration


									?Water filtration is an essential feature required for a lot of industries. Water treatment
plants always pass the water through a water filtration unit before the water is deemed
useable. A good filter media needs to be used to get good results. Filter sand and filter
gravel are excellent media and are widely used. Filter gravel is used as a support
media for the sand.


When any filter sand is used for filtration, its quality needs to be checked. The
uniformity in size is very important and this is checked by using grades. If you want
sand or gravel of a specific size, samples can be given to some companies who will
supply the sand and gravel as per your sample. Quartz aggregates make good water
filter gravel and ones of good quality have slow rates of breakdown. Even though they
are only the support media, it is important to use those of good quality.

Where are they used?

This kind of filter media finds applications in sewage treatment plants, pools,
industries, etc. At times this filter sand is also used for decorative purposes and to
make walking surfaces non-slippery. They make efficient filter media components as
long as they are chosen well and supplied from a company which is careful about its
standards. Using sand and gravel of inferior quality can result in bad filtration and
may even damage the set up.

Features of a good filter media

Good filter media should be hard and shouldn't break easily while in use. The sand
should have good spherity and uniform size. The tightly packed sand increases the
time where the material is retained resulting in better filtration. Triple washed and
pres-sized sand is the one that is in great demand in industries and other places where
water filtration is required. They are generally supplied in tightly packed bags.

Where can you find good filter media?

Look for filter media components like filter gravel and sand that is graded and
certified before delivery. If you are planning a new technique which requires a
specific size of the filter media, a few good companies will even supply sand and
gravel according to your specifications. A good company will also deliver on time and
will have strict quality testing procedures. A good supplying company will give you
all the details you ask and will most probably display them in places easily accessible
to the customers like websites.

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