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									                                                  Midland Co-op Credit Union                                                       FIRST QUARTER 2008

                                                                                APRIL 17, 2008
                                                                                                                            Your Board of Directors has set
    Russell Peterson            Come to your credit union's 2008 Annual Meeting. We will talk about                         the Annual Percentage Yield for
    Ryan Strassburg             the financial status of the credit union and goals for the upcoming                             the 1st Quarter of 2008.
    Kathleen Carey              year. We will also announce election results for the 2008 Board of                           $25.00 and up                     1.50%
     Patricia Brazier           Directors. This important distinction makes your credit union                                Under $25.00                No Dividend
      James Fuglie              different from banks and other for-profit financial institutions. Our                       Christmas Club                     1.50%
    Thomas Chacon               governing body (Board of Directors) is democratically elected by you,                         Loan Rebate                    10.00%
        Paul Julin              our members. They volunteer their time to help guide our primary
                                mission of providing a wide range of not-for-profit financial services.
                                We return the income made from our services directly to our members                                   MEMBERS ONLY
     Robert Wacek               in the form of better interest rates on savings and lower interest rates
                                and fees on loans.
                                                                                                                                10% LOAN INTEREST
     Greg TaBelle
    Meranda Wacek               Come be a part of this important                                                                   REBATE DECLARED!
                                occasion. For more information,                                                             Thank you for financing with MCCU
   CREDIT COMMITTEE             call the credit union or visit our                                                         For those members who have loans*
    Sandra Hughes               web site.                                                           with us a special 10% loan interest
     Thomas Kurtz
                                                                                                                           rebate has been declared. The rebate
     Patrick Haider
                                REGISTER FOR C ASH AND DOOR PRIZES!                                                        has been paid to your share savings
                                                                                                                           account and is based on the finance
         STAFF                                                                                                             charge (interest) you paid First

                                      HOME BANKING IS HERE!
     Becky Lindman                                                                                                         Quarter on your loan(s).
      Diane Foley                                                                                                          *Rebate excludes Home Equity, Delinquent
    Darcy Schlechter                                                                                                       and paid loans with closed share accounts.
                                           View Account Balances
                                                                                                                          1099’s Interest Earned 2007
                                           View Transaction History                                                       were mailed prior to Jan. 31, 2008 to
                                           View Cleared Check listing                                                     the address the Credit Union had on
                                           Transfer Funds                                                                 file for you. You can also find this
      2008                                 Check Withdrawal Request                                                       amount on the year-end statement (Div
 Holiday Closings                          Download transactions (Money, Quicken & others)                                Paid YTD) for use on your 2007 tax

Memorial Day……..May 26, 2008
Independence Day…July 4, 2008
                                           E-Statement availability                                                            CuCheck Card Users:
                                           Password Maintenance
                                                                                                                           First Eight ATM charges per
                                           All from your PC or laptop on a secure site.
                                                                                                                           month FREE
MIDLAND CO-OP                              Contact the Credit Union to enroll today!                                       through out 2008!
 5172 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55421              FREE MEMBERSHIP!                                           SMALL COMPANY EMPLOYEES
                                Members: Remember your family is                                You can receive $50.00!
                                eligible for all the Credit Union services.
Phone: 763-572-1368             SEG* employees you are also eligible                          Do you appreciate the benefits of working with your Credit
 Fax: 763-572-1580              to become a member.                                          Union and work for a local company that employs less than         It’s easy and it’s free! Call 763-572-                       100 people?          1368 and ask for membership information.                      If think your co-workers would also benefit from
                                                                                             membership in Midland Co-op Credit Union contact us. We
                                SEG employees: Membership applications                       will be happy to contact your employer with a no-cost way
                                are available from your employer.                            to add an employee benefit: Access to the Credit Union. If
    Office Hours:
 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM             *Small Employee Group                                        your company becomes part of our field of membership you
                                Offer expires 6/30/2008 $5.00 value. Must meet eligibility   will receive $50.00 for recommending us.
   Monday - Friday              requirements. Must be new member or member who wishes to
                                re-open their account. Account must remain open 90 days.     Offer expires 6/30/2008 Must meet eligibility requirements. USA PATRIOT Act
                                USA PATRIOT Act requires Identity Verification for all new   requires Identity Verification for all new accounts.
                                                                                                                      ALL IN THE FAMILY
                         5.50%               SERVICES AVAILABLE TO OUR MEMBERS
                                              •     Share Savings Accounts
                                              •     FREE Share Draft (Checking) Accounts
BEST CAR DEAL STARTS RIGHT HERE!              •     CuCheck Card ATM/Debit Card
 Time to replace your winter-weary            •     CUMoney Pre-Paid Debit Card
wheels with a new ride? You'll get
more for your money when you                  •     Christmas Club Accounts
make the credit union your first              •     COMPETITIVE Loan Rates                                     Let your family in on a good thing:
stop. Talking with one of our loan                                                                              Membership in the credit union.
experts will help you sort through            •     COMPETITIVE Share Savings Rates
your options. For example, the zero                                                                           If you are a primary member of the
                                              •     Direct Deposit                                            credit union, members of your
percent-financing offer from a
dealer may sound unbeatable, but it           •     Payroll Deduction                                         immediate family are eligible to join. It's
may be to your advantage to take                                                                              a perfect way to teach your kids (or
                                              •     Direct Loan Payment                                       grandkids) the benefits of saving
the rebate and finance the car with
a credit union loan. Or by                    •     Home Banking                                              regularly. Set up a "family 401k
purchasing a previously owned                                                                                 account" for specific goals. For
                                              •     Notary Public                                             example, just as an employer provides
vehicle instead of a new one, you
duck the depreciation hit. A car can          •     Access to Federal Student Loans                           matching dollars to a 401k fund, you
lose up to two-thirds of its value in                                                                         could match your childrens' deposits in
                                              •     Scholarship Information                                   an education account or for a down
the first three years. Whether you
buy a new car or one that's new-to-                                                                           payment on a car. With our easy-to-use
you, put yourself in the best                       Easter Coloring Contest Winners:                          electronic services, even immediate
negotiation position by getting pre-                                                                          family members living elsewhere can
                                                                                                              take advantage of the benefits of
approved for the loan. But, don't            Congratulations and thank you
                                                                                                              belonging. That means Brother Bill in
show your hand until the dealer has          for all the great drawings.                                      Baltimore or Grandma Ginny in Georgia
quoted you the best price. If you
reveal you have financing pre-                    Age 1-4 McKayla D.                                          can both get in on the credit union's
arranged, it's likely the "best price"            Age 5-7 Nora V.                                             great rates and services. For complete
really isn't. That's because the                  Age 8-11 Luke K.                                            details on how your family can join our
dealership knows it won't be                                                                                  family, contact the credit union.
making any profit on its financing
and will try to make it up on the
                                                    UPDATE ADDRESS CHANGES                                    See FREE Membership on Front!
price of the vehicle.                       You’d cry too if dozens of
 Your credit union wants to help            members moved and it cost
you get the best possible deal on
                                            you fifty cents each time to
your next vehicle purchase, so stop
by the CU today. Let us help you            get a new address. Please
get into the driver's seat with a pre-      keep us updated. Thank you.
approved loan.

    LOAN GUIDE                                      Visit for a loan application                                  APRIL 2008
               Type of Loan                                  APR                        Amount Up To:                               Terms
     Home Equity (Minnesota Homestead)                  Fixed or Variable            80% of Equity available                   Up to 180 months
          Share (Savings) Loan                               4.75%                      Share Balance                          Up to 84 months
             New Autos:                                      5.50%                  100% of Purchase Price*                    Up to 60 months
             Used Autos: 2005-2008                           5.50%                 90% of NADA Book Retail*                    Up to 48 months
                          2004-2003                          5.50%                 90% of NADA Book Retail*                    Up to 42 months
                          2002-2001                          5.50%                 90% of NADA Book Retail*                    Up to 36 months
                          2000 and Older                     5.50%                 90% of NADA Book Retail*                    Up to 24 months
         Motor Homes, 5th Wheel,                                                 New-100% of purchase price*                  New-up to 10 years
        Self-contained Travel Trailer                        7.00%                 Used-90% of NADA value                     Used-up to 5 years
          Recreational Equipment                             7.00%               New- 100% of purchase price*                New-up to 60 months
  (ATVs, Boats, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, etc.)                                   Used- 90% of NADA value                    Used-up to 48 months
             Home Improvement                                10.00%                       $10,000.00                           Up to 60 months
             Debt Consolidation                              10.00%                       $10,000.00                           Up to 12 months
              Signature Loans-                               10.00%                       $10,000.00                           Up to 12 months
          (Taxes, IRA's, vacations, etc.)
 Federal Student Loans/Consolidation Loans                                                 Call for details
*Excludes Extended Warranties         Pickups and SUV's may be eligible for an extended term     Loan rates and terms subject to change without notice

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