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					?Worried about Fortune Customer Points? There is no need to worry, your lifestyle
and Fortune business will improve.
Assuming you have joined or are contemplating joining FHTM, the first challenge as
you reach different levels within FHTM (Regional, Executive and National). It is
important to reach your point goals so you get all possible bonuses as you
Earning future income from buying the services you already usr or that have What a
novel idea!
negotiated for the plan. The heart of the Fortune success model is set up as Customer
Points offerings.
Don't worry about the points. I see too many new reps get caught up in the 'cost' of
these points. This is a totally wrong way to think of this program. When you look at
the products and services in the program, it would be highly Fortune business.
I recommend this approach:
" Learn all there is to know about each qualifying product or service.
" Identify all that you are currently using and move your business to these vendors.
" Sign up for all the business support services Fortune has designed for you that
" Sign up for all tax deductible expenses* that support your Fortune business.
" Go out and 'Show the Plan' to get the income flowing!
This is what worked for me:
cell phone, bought TV service, used vitamins, supplements and health and beauty
up. I switched to Dish Network. I switched to True Essentials and Peter Lama
products for the vitamin,
MyTelTag,that I felt would help me succeed in my Fortune business. expenses* for
my business. Then I signed up for the ones that I felt would best support me as I
worked to grow
were several that might be tax deductible expenses* for my business; business.
security, health care, roadside assistance and the new protection for living If it fit my
lifestyle and budget, then I signed up for it.
And then I asked each of my family members who were not going to be Fortune I
gained many points outside my home.
All points are not of equal value! How can one action help you in three ways? but also
are tax deductible and support your entire business effort.
had been using. My health has improve by using the top qualiy products from True
Essentials and I Even my hair and skin are improved from the Peter Lamas products.
And my husband is in love with Dish Network, thank goodness.
which also gave me Customer Points. Not only does Fortune supply support systems,
the training they provide is I don't have to be involved in storing or delivering
products, paying employees, tracking Make sure you understand that I NEVER have
to store or deliver products!
success. I'm getting great value while also supporting my Customer Point goals. me to
'Show the Plan' which generates income.
benefit you can receive from using those products and services.
So my recommendation to all FHTM reps to reach their customer point (1)learn what
the Customer Point Products and Services are, (2) sign up for Customer Point services
where you are already using the service,(3) consider switching name brand to buy
services on the list (4) support your business with the Fortune support systems and
tools that have budget(6) let your family support you by buying from the Customer
Point list products that
How could it be any easier to reach your Customer Point goals? Then you are free to
go out and 'Show the Plan' and grow your business. Recognize that Fortune has
created the wave and you need to Ride the Wave to
your business.

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