Few tips to help you sell your Ebook resale right_ by hkksew3563rd


									?Viral marketing is a way to promote a service or product exponentially. It's an
effective internet marketing tool designed for one reason - to gain traffic through free
or low cost distribution with the intent of gaining the customer to market other
products and create brand awareness. Free, as in giving away as a bonus or incentive
in conjunction with something else. For instance, I can create a handy Ebook that is
exclusive and likeable and then give it away free as a promotion or incentive to sign
up for my newsletter. You can even sell it. By having these distributed in such a
fashion, you gain credibility by adding dollar value and master resale rights as well.
The number of readers could exponentially grow. So here are a few tips to help you
sell your Ebook resale right:

1) Create Master Resell Rights -- Great for generating interest and free distribution.
You can offer this as a bonus and allow others to sell or give them away with another
offer. This is viral marketing.

2) Include Restrictions in Your Ebook resale right -- By simply giving away your
eBook master resale right, it may simply look unprofessional. You should uphold the
quality of the product by including some stipulations and terms of violation.

3) If Selling, Set A Minimum Price -- If you plan on selling your eBook resale right,
set a minimum price in your terms and conditions of use to protect your EBook's

4) Do Not Allow Product on Auctions Sites - Auction sites are notorious for
depreciating certain products' values. If you allow resellers to place auctions on
internet sites like EBay, plan on losing a few buyers before you even got them. Buyers
do their research too, and having lots of your Ebooks selling on eBay for cheap
doesn't help your image.

5) Restrict the Use of Spam - This is very essential. Spam is the internets major
problem. These days, plans and software are blocking out things that look "fishy".
You'll get a bad name for yourself and worst of all, get "booted" from all major
internet sites.

6) Include Quality Links and Advertisements - Even if you are considering on just
giving away your Ebook resale right, make sure you've made connections with
genuine affiliates. This is where you make all the money. Being able to sell your
Ebooks is great, but a good chunk on your profits comes from people clicking on your
links and buying products. They buy because they believe you are a profession and
they trust you. That's why writing a good Ebook is necessary.

Enjoy selling your Ebook and your Ebook resale right by making money and getting
famous from it. You also get your much needed traffic! Just remember to use
discretion when creating your terms and conditions. Keep your resell right high in
quality and if you're successful, it will be circulating the web frequently and
worldwide for a long time to come.

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