Preventing Eye Injuries by hcj


									                         Preventing Eye Injuries
                         According to Prevent Blindness America, thousands of eye accidents
                         happen each day. Ninety percent of these accidents are preventable
                         with the use of appropriate safety eyewear.

Things to check for in Safety Eye Wear include:

      Are the lenses made from polycarbonate?

      Do they cover enough of the eye to provide appropriate protection?

      Are they approved? Most sports have an organization that sets safety standards for
       equipment. Check with the appropriate organization for your particular sport.

      An eye injury may damage tissues around the eye as well as the eyeball itself.
       Injuries that penetrate the eyeball are very serious and may cause blindness. Seek
       medical attention immediately.

Additional Resources
    American Academy of Ophthalmology
    Coalition to Prevent Sports Eye Injuries
    CDC - National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health - Eye Safety

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