; A brief history of the GI Joe action figure and why you should buy them at a GI Joe store or over th
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A brief history of the GI Joe action figure and why you should buy them at a GI Joe store or over th


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									?GI Joes are a line of action figures that were produced first in the US by a toy
making company called Hasbro. The line features a set of figures that are
representative of ground forces, air, and navy. These GI Joe action figures have been a
steady inspiration for children who grow into adults, wanting to live out the adventure
and have contributed to the recruitment into US armed forces over the years.

The figures instil patriotism and it's not just children who are fans but millions of
adults around the world engage in collecting these action figures by buying them from
exclusive GI Joe stores or from eBay and other internet websites that sell these

The original action figure that was launched in 1964 was a 12 inch male action figure
which diversified into two toy lines, with the one in the US being called by its original
name and the other which hit the UK markets came to be called Action Man.

Over the years many different sets were launched with many themes and story lines
contributed to by animated shows that complemented the line on TV. The size of the
GI Joe action figure was cut down to just under four inches and vehicles and sets were
also included.

The story lines always were centred on the ongoing conflict between the good GI Joe
action team and the evil cobra outfit. This is probably the first action figure series that
spawned cartoons, comics and movies after it rather than the other way around.

GI Joe action figures were launched subsequent to the immense popularity of the
Barbie doll series with young girls. The makers realized the potential for a boy
oriented action figure based on a military theme centred on the fight between good
and evil that spelled action and adventure, something that young boys take a fancy to.

The line was launched with a post world war theme initially but later on went on to
adopt a unique story line. Such was the popularity of these figures that soon GI Joe
stores were selling these figures across America and within a year these figures were
found in toy stores in Europe as well.

Although the GI Joe fever died down with Hasbro stopping their production and
moving onto more lucrative toys and figures, their popularity continues unabated to
this day. Those who have grown up in the company of these toys and owned them
when they were children still cherish and preserve these GI Joe action figures with
great care.

Collecting action figures is a hobby which is indulged in by both adults and children,
with the children more focused on playing with them while the adults collect them as
a hobby or as an investment. A vintage GI Joe action figure could fetch thousands of
dollars in the market today depending on its rarity. There are people who buy and sell
action figures for hundreds and thousands of dollars each year.

Those that collect it often take care not to have even the packaging damaged, hoping
that a few years down the lane, the price of these figures increase exponentially and
they can sell it for a huge profit by selling them to stores that buy these vintage
figures or online websites that buy and sell them.

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