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A Brief History of Hewlett-Packard Company


									?Hewlett-Packard, a universal technology company known for its HP labels, was
started in Palo Alto, California. Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett (Stanford graduate of
1935) founded their information technology company in 1939. Nobody would have
thought their vision would grow to the industrious phenomenon it is today.

Hewlett and Packards initial investment was a little over five hundred dollars when
they first were formulating their plans. With the help of an advising professor from
Stanford (Frederick Terman) they began their small electronics manufacturing
corporation. Their corporation was formulated formally in 1947, and then went public
in November of 1957.

Their initial electronic device was the audio oscillator. The Walt Disney Company
signed on to purchase eight of these Model 200B oscillators. Hewlett and Packard
could not have been more excited. After over thirty-two years of sales and
improvements, this product was one of the longest selling electronics products of all

Taking time to keep creating, the company itself was not focused on any one
particular product or need. They produced electronics for means of agriculture and the
general needs of industry. Mainly general electronic products were sold by
Hewlett-Packard Company in its beginnings.

Then, from the 1950s, on through the early 1990s, the company began to narrow their
scope of equipment and electronics developed. They focused on test equipment for
electronics, including that of voltmeters, signal generators and oscilloscopes. This
range of testing products grew to then include accessories, software, and parallel
products, etc.

The company then (late 1950s), began to mass produce computer and technological
hardware and services. Today, Hewlett-Packard has expanded their vision into
hundreds of types of: computers, printers, servers, hardware products, storage
products, services, etc. The list is ever-ending, and always growing, with new features,
and updated services that are now provided worldwide.

The 1970s is when Hewlett-Packard got their magic leap. The company began to
create and produce computing servers. These terminals supplied the consumer with a
screen and basic function keys that allowed for non-human services to take place
twenty four hours a day, and seven days a week. These terminals, after a range of
updates, are now used at basic gasoline stations, as well as ATMs all over the nation.

The company is still headquartered out of Palo Alto, California, but in a much larger
property than that of the original garage it started in. Hewlett-Packard also has
facilities in locations such as, but not limited to: Singapore, Switzerland, London and
Texas. Although a great deal of their business is now completed via distributors and
retailers, there are a multitude of individuals that are still consistently working in
these locations.

A company that was started simply out of a garage, now markets to individual
households, corporations and online distributors. In 2002 Hewlett-Packard merged
with well-known company Compaq. Later in 2007, HP was the first IT company to
ever report revenues up and over one hundred billion United States dollars. It seems
that Hewlett-Packards initial investment of a mere five hundred and thirty eight
dollars has definitely paid off.

About the Author: Steve Oono is the VP of Sales for Mojo Systems. They are the
leading industry provider of Sun servers, HP servers, IBM, Oracle, and Fujitsu
hardware and servers. For more information, please visit .

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