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How should prevent trichomadesis fall hair-_4444


									How should prevent trichomadesis fall hair?

How should prevent trichomadesis fall hair?


Patient sex: male patient age: 29

Hello, my hair is very serious, how to prevent trichomadesis? What kind of

Netizen answer

There are many reasons trichomadesis,
From the Angle of etiology
☆ 1, seborrheic trichomadesis, often appear in the middle-aged and young body,
scalp is thick oily hair shiny and sparse secretion, and fine, or a hair dry,
scurf, without burnish, sparse slender.
Solution: u should pay attention to diet, light deprivation excitant food, eat
more fruits and vegetables or orally vitamin B6, B2, etc.
☆ 2, pathological trichomadesis: mainly because viruses, bacteria, high fever
for hair cells have damage, inhibit the hair cells split, make hair follicles
in normal shock and cause hair loss, such as acute infectious disease, long-
term use of certain drugs, etc.
U solution: rest more, the body to recover after withdrawal or hair will grow.
☆ 3, chemical trichomadesis: harmful chemicals on scalp and hair follicle
cell damage organization cause hair loss
Solution: don\’t painted using excitant strong colourants, marcel agent and
inferior hair products.
☆ 4, rational hair follicle jams, air pollutants: harmful radiation cause
trichomadesis etc.
Solution: don\’t use u easily electrostatic nylon comb and leading in the air,
brush dust pollution of serious environmental wear helmets and timely shampoo.
☆ 5, nutrition loss: the digestion and absorption of dysfunction caused by
malnutrition cause hair loss
Solution: to strengthen nutrition u, eat more vegetables and fruits, kelp,
mulberry, walnuts.
☆ 6, obese acanthosis trichomadesis: lots of saturated fatty acid metabolism
in after producing waste, jams hair follicle cause hair loss
U solution: eat less fat heavy food, strengthen physical exercise.
☆ 7, hair loss, also have inherited genetic, general male dominance heredity,
women in a recessive heredity.
Find the reason treat hair loss.

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