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                              A CRH plc Subsidiary
                                                                                P r e c a s t

CaSt – an integral Part of oldcastle Precast
                                                                                       V O L .   1 3   ●   N O . 1   ●   W I N T E R     2 0 0 8

CAST (Collectively Achieving Sustainable Targets), the initia-           tions for efficiency and how their activities affect the cost of
tive designed to take Oldcastle Precast facilities to the next           finished goods.”
level of operational excellence, has been implemented in the                  For Brian Rhees, general manager of Colorado, and his
Central Group and at several Northeast facilities.                       team, CAST seemed “overwhelming” at first. “It’s a serious
     Since launching training sessions in February 2007,                 time commitment for your whole production, management
managers, supervisors and leadmen at those facilities have               and safety team,” he said. “Yet, you need to keep an open mind
been championing CAST. They’ve become more attentive to                  and be willing to change.”
schedule and variance control. They’ve focused on supervisory                 CAST’s impact on Colorado resulted in better team unity,
training and systems enhancements. They also have been pro-              a system for accountability, enhanced communication, the abil-
moting an attitude that is cascading throughout the organiza-            ity to allocate manpower appropriately and a system for evalu-
tion. And what a difference CAST has made.                               ating labor hours in its bill of materials. “I was pleased with the
     “We feel the initiative has been a success and is                          program,” said Brian.
adding to our production activities,” said Rick                                          Our Wayside, Texas, plant has seen inefficien-
Jones, general manager of San Antonio. According                                    cies and overtime significantly decrease since the
to Rick, CAST has transformed leadmen, foreman                                      installation of CAST. As Asher Kazmann, general
and production managers into leaders.                                                        manager, said, “CAST has challenged our
As he said, “They have a clear definition                                                    workers, forcing them to be accountable for
of their roles, their department’s expecta-                                                                              cont'd on p. 3, see CAST

  What is CaSt?
  CAST is a management operating sys-                ment, we’re also driving behaviors          tions and coordinate CAST activities
  tem designed to promote continuous                 and processes to enhance individual         over a six-week period. During that
  improvement, targeting such areas as:              and company performance,” said Tab          time, they work closely with leads, fore-
  ●	 manufacturing workflow processes                Buckner, CAST project manager.              men, frontline managers, safety manag-
      in terms of sequencing and opti-                                                           ers and plant and general managers.
      mizing labor                                   How does CAST work?                               “There’s a lot of training and coach-
  ●	 developing tools to help us effec-                   Oldcastle Precast has 20 CAST          ing involved,” said Tab. “CAST is about
      tively forecast, plan, implement               members who have undergone exten-           empowering frontline managers and
      and report activity                            sive training. As Tab said, “The trans-     developing leadership skills. In order
  ●	 validating work performance stan-               formation that CAST members have            for it to be successful, general and plant
      dards                                          gone through has been remarkable.           managers have to be supportive. It’s an
  ●	 improving communication and                     They have worked hard and have been         intense six weeks where plant employ-
      leadership skills with emphasis on             dedicated to this initiative, and I am      ees work hard, and it shows. They have
      production supervisors                         proud to be on their team.”                 accomplished a great deal and can take
      “By driving continuous improve-                     These members visit plant loca-        pride in the successes they are driving.”

 Want to develop your personal and leadership skills? Interested in being a part of the CAST team? Let your general manager know as
 CAST is looking for additional members to help with the rollout of this initiative.

                                                                          P r e c a s t

                              uPfront                                                        San Diego factory
                                                                                             relocates to El Cajon
                                                                                             Our San Diego factory recently
                             Happy New Year! As we look back at 2007, we can be              pulled up stakes from its seven-
                             proud of our performance. Oldcastle Precast Inc. is the         year home in Miramar, Calif., to
                             number one precast manufacturer in the United States,           move 20 miles southeast to its new
                             thanks to our skilled, committed and talented people and        33,000-sq.-ft. facility in El Cajon.
                             the breadth of our product offering.                            “We have enjoyed a substantial mar-
                                I want to extend a belated warm welcome to our newest        ket share in San Diego, and our busi-
employees who join us from Carson Industries LLC. Last year’s acquisition of Carson          ness there continues to grow,” said
Industries marked Oldcastle Precast’s largest to date. With this purchase, we added          Mike Scott, chief operating officer of
five operations and formed a new growth platform for the Precast Group called                Oldcastle Precast’s Western Division.
Oldcastle Enclosure Solutions.                                                               “The El Cajon plant allows us to
     Last year we launched CAST (Collectively Achieving Sustainable Targets), a per-         maintain our success in the area,
formance improvement project. The goal is to improve safety, quality and efficiency          along with business generated by the
with a focus on specific management behaviors that promote improved leadership.              Fontana facility, located 100 miles to
Regional presidents, managers and supervisors will champion this cause by becoming           the north.”
more attentive to setting expectations and holding individuals and teams account-
able. We have installed CAST in all Central Group plants and are nearly complete in
the Northeast Precast Group. World class companies must continuously find new and
better ways to lower costs, improve quality and service, and strengthen their market
position. Oldcastle Precast is no exception, and it will take all of us working together
to meet our commitments and make the improvements that will build a better future
for all of us at Oldcastle Precast. Please join me with your full support as CAST
makes its way to your location in the year ahead.
     For the first time, we conducted a consistent and uniform safety assurance review      Oldcastle Precast has relocated the San
at all of our facilities and then developed targeted safety improvement plans. Those        Diego facility to El Cajon.
plans combined with our new HSMS (Health Safety Management System) helped
drive a 30 percent reduction in recordable and day away injury rates in 2007. (The
                                                                                                      Page 3
HSMS can be viewed online.) We’ve now set a goal to achieve a 50 percent reduction                    Building Systems Goes Green With Anheuser-

                                                                                                         Busch Project
over the next two years with our sights set on zero accidents in many locations.
     Chances are, you have begun to notice some visible changes regarding your loca-                  Page 4
                                                                                                      Oldcastle Precast Launches New Branding
tion’s signs and name. Or maybe you’ve seen some of Oldcastle Precast’s new adver-                       Initiative
tisements. TR Kunesh and his team have been working with a firm to develop our                        Page 5
new brand strategy. As part of this initiative, each operating division now has a rede-               Removable Transformer Fire Walls Debut
                                                                                                      Cornell University Dorm Project Completed
signed logo that features a more prominent use of the Oldcastle Precast brand. This
                                                                                                      Page 6
move will bring a greater level of consistency to our customers across all locations and              Enclosure Solutions – Providing ‘Total Solution’
all product lines. It is designed to help our company grow, and it also allows us to
                                                                                                      Page 7
take advantage of Oldcastle Precast’s strong reputation.                                              Safety Intervention Improves Oldcastle Precast
     As you can see, we’ve accomplished quite a bit in 2007. Overall, it was a good                      Chase
                                                                                                      Medley’s Safety Record Stretches To 12 Years
year, but we hit difficult economic conditions in July that continued through year-
                                                                                                      Page 8
end. In the face of a tough economic climate ahead, we all need to work together to                   Oldcastle Product Protects Israeli Children
reduce costs and make sure our operations are working safely and efficiently. 2008                    David Wan – First Building Systems LEED
                                                                                                          Certified Employee
will be a challenge, but I have complete confidence                                                   ‘Plant Patriarch’ Celebrates 50 Years
that we have the team in place to win and turn in
another solid year.                                                                        Precast Communicator, P.O. Box 608, Auburn, WA 98071
                                                         Mark Schack, president                        www.oldcastleprecast.com
                                                                            P r e c a s t

CAST cont'd from p. 1
their actions. At the same time, it has        CAST QuoTAbleS
challenged our management team to              “There is new enthusiasm to make our operations successful and attitudes of
be true managers and leaders. We have          helping each other to achieve our goals.”
seen huge strides in the areas of com-         – Dave Renesson, general manager, Ramsey, Minn.
munication, ownership and account-
                                               “It will be a very demanding time for you and your teams, but the rewards and
ability.”                                      benefits of your efforts will bear fruit and truly take your factories to the next level
     This year, Synertech Moulded              for safety, quality, efficiency and housekeeping.”
Products and the West Coast and                – Herb Hohl, vice president, operations, Utah
Southeast groups will implement CAST.
     “Never in our company’s history           “As difficult as it is professionally and personally, the challenges are outweighed
                                               by the satisfaction I feel when we see the positive impact that we have on the
have this much energy and resources
                                               plant and the people we work with.”
been dedicated to our shop floors,” said       – Kurt Farrington, CAST Member
Mark Schack, president. “This is an
opportunity to take each of our facilities     “The CAST initiative brings the tools and behaviors that can take us to the next
to the next level of operational excel-        level, both in the plant and the marketplace.”
lence. Only by working together can we         – Tim Lussier, CAST Member
meet our commitments and make the              “CAST is all about embracing change within our company culture and driving
improvements that will build a better          success.”
future for all of us at Oldcastle Precast.”    – Tab Buckner, CAST member

Building Systems Goes Green With anheuser-Busch Project
In January 2008, Oldcastle’s Building         agencies for construction of new build-              panded polystyrene insulation and
Systems completed the erection of an          ings. The Anheuser-Busch project’s rat-              the CarbonCast grid system created
Anheuser-Busch “green” distribution           ing was based on Oldcastle’s attention to            a 100 percent thermally broken
center in Bronx, N.Y., a first for the St.    detail regarding:                                    insulated precast panel resulting in
Louis-based beverage company. The             u			The cleanliness of the work site, one            less energy requirements during
$2.5 million precast project began in             of the leading criteria for achieving            heating or cooling of the building
early November. Plans call for the distri-        “greener” practice in construction           u			Adapting load-bearing structural/
bution center to be up and running by         u			Use of recycled products, such as                architectural insulated walls to the
this summer.                                      ●	25 percent cement content made                 project
     Used by the U.S. Green Building                 from recycled fly ash (a byproduct            As Dan MacEachern, wall panel
Council from the Leadership in Energy                of steel smelting)                        product manager, said, “Oldcastle’s
and Environmental Design (LEED), the          	 ●	100 percent recycled steel                   precast panels also saved the client time
green rating system is applied to sustain-    	 ●	25 percent recycled expanded                 and money since delivery of the wall
able building design and is required by              polystyrene                               pieces was scheduled for maximum
many municipalities and governmental          u			Employment of five inches of ex-             advantage.”


                                                                            P r e c a s t

oldcastle Precast Launches new Branding initiative
Oldcastle Precast has launched a nation-              “Branding ourselves nationally
al branding initiative designed to help         under the Oldcastle Precast name is
our company grow and make it easier             a big change, as our recognition in
for our customers to conduct business           the local markets has made Oldcastle
with us.                                        Precast what it is today,” said TR. “As

     “Branding our-                                               we move forward, we
selves strategically             Branding ourselves will build on our past
is the best way to       strategically is the best way efforts and promote the
clearly communi-                                                  promise of reliability
cate who we are,”          to clearly communicate to all of our customers,

said TR Kunesh,                                                   employees, job candi-
director of market-             who we are.                       dates, neighbors and
ing. “Our industry              TR Kunesh, director of marketing competitors.”
has become increas-                                                   Plant locations also
ingly more competitive. While Oldcastle will be using new letterhead, forms
Precast has grown dramatically through          and business cards with the new logos.
the years, we need to clearly commu-            Logos are available via the Oldcastle
nicate our strengths and who we are             Precast intranet site. Vehicle branding
to continue to grow our business and            guidelines, new brochure templates
attract and retain the best and brightest       and printed marketing collateral will be
people.”                                        available soon, while the home Web site
     TR and his team have been working and plant Web site templates are being
with Phinney/Bischoff Design House              developed and will be available by sec-
(a Seattle-based brand and design firm)         ond quarter 2008.
to develop the new brand strategy along               “The new tools will help us transi-
with a set of supporting marketing mate- tion our customers to the new brand
rial and tools. As part of this initiative,     and help them learn more about our
all of the facilities have a new logo and       company,” said TR. “We will highlight
use guidelines. This move will bring a          our people, our capabilities and our
greater level of consistency to our cus-        products, but most importantly we will
tomers across all locations and all prod-       make it easy for our customers to find
uct lines.                                      us wherever they go.”

                                                        new Web Site Debuts
                                                        Late last year, Oldcastle Precast launched phase one of our new Web site,
                                                        www.oldcastleprecast.com. The launch coincided with our company’s
                                                        new national branding campaign, which you may have noticed in ENR,
                                                        Sweets, ENR Online, Concrete Weekly, and other media.
                                                             The second phase, which will make the site incredibly dynamic and
                                                        easier to use, will launch in February. The new search engine will provide
                                                        interactive maps, product locators and plant by product and product
                                                        by market source capabilities. Plant site templates also will be ready in
                                                        February. (Some sub-sites planned for Enclosure Solutions, Building
                                                        Systems, Modular, Pipe and a few others will come later in 2008.)

                                                                            P r e c a s t

removable transformer fire Walls Debut                                                           Cornell university
In Northern California, Oldcastle Precast recently partnered with ThermaLimits™ to               Dorm Project
introduce removable Transformer fire walls, a product made from a mixture of refrac-
tory concrete and fibers. These walls provide safety and save rebuilding time and money          Completed
should a fire occur.                                                                             Building Systems completed the sev-
     “The characteristics of the material lend themselves well to forming a fire shield,”        enth and final dormitory for Cornell
said Miles Bennett, general manager of Northern California. “Refractory concrete is              University in November 2007.
used in high heat applications, such as lining kilns and molds for molten metal.”                Construction for the final four-phase
     ThermaLimits developed this particular fire wall for use as electrical substation fire      $16.5 million project broke ground
barriers. Fire walls provide a barrier between the large transformers in an electrical sub-      in spring 2007.
station and can help limit the losses associated with transformer failures by containing              Located in Ithaca, N.Y., the
the spread of these substation fires.                                                            university established its relationship
     The company is led by Alonso Rodriguez, Ph.D., who has more than 30 years in                with Oldcastle Precast five years ago
the electrical power industry, both in the United States and abroad. Along with being            when Building Systems constructed
president and chief executive officer of ThermaLimits, Alonso is a faculty member at             the first two LEED™ (Leadership in
California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif.                                           Energy and Environmental Design)
     “This product is a direct response to the need to prevent fires from spreading in           certified dorms, the first residence
substation environments,” said Alonso. “The fire walls have been tested and fire rated by        halls in New York State to earn
the Southwest Research Institute, the foremost independent industry-approved certifica-          that distinction. LEED is the rat-
tion laboratory of large fire protection components.”                                            ing system used by the U.S. Green
                                                     As Alonso said, “The fire danger in         Building Council for sustainable
                                                 large transformers results if one overheats     building design and is required by
                                                 and explodes. The transformers contain          many municipalities and governmen-
                                                 up to 30,000 gallons of mineral oil, which      tal agencies for construction of new
                                                 under normal operation acts as a cooling        buildings.
                                                 and electrically insulating agent for the            According to John Jones, vice
                                                 transformer. However, if a transformer          president of sales, the end prod-
                                                 has electrical arcing, internal pressure        uct has met Cornell’s needs for a
                                                 builds up and it can explode, spreading         community-minded atmosphere
                                                 the fire to other transformers, auxiliary       where students can live and learn.
                                                 equipment and buildings in the vicinity.”       As he said, “We designed a total
 Transformer fire walls can save millions of
 dollars in damages for companies.                    Catastrophic substation fires can cause    precast structure that provides wide
                                                 damage in the tens of millions of dollars,      open flexible space by using exterior
involving both equipment replacement and spot market power purchases in order to                 precast bearing walls and long span
supplement the local electrical supply lost due to the fire. “The replacement of just one        precast hollowcore plank.”
of these largest substation transformers is approximately $3 million. Couple that cost
with a minimum 18-month waiting period to receive delivery on a rush basis of a large
unit, and the spot market purchases of supplemental power becomes an even more sig-
nificant cost factor,” said Alonso. “As we see it, utilities have a strong and vested interest
in protecting their investment in substations with fire walls.”
     Oldcastle Precast has realized a growing interest for the fire wall product in the elec-
trical utility industry. “Inquiries within Oldcastle’s Precast West, Northeast and National
groups have expressed strong need or are in the process of planning projects that will use
these fire walls,” said Miles. “In 2007, Northern California provided three fire walls for
the Imperial Irrigation District at a large multi-agency substation in Coachella, Calif.          Building Systems completed the seventh
We also produced another fire wall currently awaiting installation for PG&E, along                and final residential housing project
                                                                                                  for Cornell University.
with several other walls planned for production and installation this year.”

                                                                         P r e c a s t

Carson acquisition adds Depth
Enclosure Solutions – Providing ‘total Solution’
Our acquisition of California-based          ers and market share into segments not
Carson Industries LLC has created one        previously reached by Oldcastle.”
of the world’s largest and most innova-
tive enclosure product companies –           moving forward
Oldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions.            Enclosure Solutions produces a broad
Our durable materials and leading-edge       spectrum of enclosure products with its
technologies for designing, manufactur-      multiple manufacturing processes – struc-
ing and delivering enclosure products        tural foam molding, rotational molding,
made from high-strength concrete, poly-      high-pressure injection, wet cast concrete,     Drop-N-Lock, Enclosure Solutions’ most
                                                                                             recent innovation, is being introduced. It has
mers and polyethylene makes Oldcastle        dry cast concrete, and polymer concrete         a unique fastening system that secures covers
Precast the global leader in underground     molding. Most recently, the company             to enclosure bodies for added protection and
infrastructure enclosure products.           added significant improvements to its           security of underground infrastructure con-
     “Innovations in the use of tradi-       multi-cavity duo molding process, a             tents. Drop-N-Lock was developed in direct
tional building materials in enclosure       patented polymer concrete procedure             response to customer requests.
product designs are providing greater        that utilizes a mix of vibration, heat and
options and value to contractors,            compression to cast multiple boxes at the
municipalities and utilities in construct-   same time.
ing their water, irrigation, electric,            In this unique process, two materi-
cable television (CATV) and telephone        als are simultaneously cast: high-density
infrastructure,” said Dave Steevens,         polymer concrete and sheet molding
president of Enclosure Solutions. “In        compound (SMC). “This allows us to
many municipalities throughout the           build high-strength, lightweight polymer
United States, our products are already      products better and faster to meet the
specified. Oldcastle Precast Enclosure       increasing demands of our customers,”         the changing needs of our customers,
Solutions and Carson are at the center of    said Leo Lovato, vice president of sales      and then leverage our team capabilities
this trend, and together we will leverage    and marketing. “Likewise, our engineer-       through a ‘total solution’ approach to
our combined heritage and strengths to       ing expertise enables us to develop flex-     meet their unique requirements. Our goal
redefine the way our customers build.”       ible solutions to meet unique customer        is to be the ‘No. 1 Choice’ of customers
     With the acquisition, Oldcastle         application needs.”                           for innovative flexible enclosure solutions,
Precast gains five new manufacturing              And that’s a competitive advantage       to build long-term supplier partnerships
plants and more than 300 employees.          that Enclosure Solutions is focused on        with customers, and to be known as being
Carson’s Chief Executive Officer Rich        optimizing. As Leo said, “It’s critical       easy to do business with.”
Gordinier will stay on with the busi-        to stay in touch with and understand
ness in his current role and as a consul-
tant to assist with the transition. The
Carson line of products joins Enclosure
                                               a Quick Look at oldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions
                                               t   manufactures premium quality enclosure products made from high-strength
Solutions offerings, which include the
                                                   concrete, polymers and plastic
Synertech line of high-strength polymer
                                               t   serves six major markets: communications (telephone and CATV), municipal
products, the Christy brand of high-               waterworks, power/electricity, departments of transportation, HVACR
strength concrete products, and Fibrelyte          equipment manufacturers, and landscape/irrigation
branded lightweight polymer products.          t   operates nine manufacturing facilities across the country and one in Canada
      “We are thrilled with the people,        t   uses leading waterworks, electric and telecom/CATV distributors across North
products and technology that Carson                America to distribute products
adds to our group,” said Dave. “This           For more information, visit oldcastleprecast.com/enclosuresolutions.
addition brought new products, custom-
                          Parade Italic

                                                                            P r e c a s t

                       Safety intervention improves oldcastle Precast Chase

Oldcastle Precast Chase recently took action against increased        place that included who would tackle each assignment. The
                                DRIVING SAFETY
recordable injuries in the form of a “Safety Intervention.” Bill      second observation day ended with a recap of what had been
Augustus, general manager, and his entire organization joined         accomplished within the first 24 hours, highlighted by a thor-
                                SAFE Y
Cal Larson, Oldcastle’s national safetyTdirector, two regional        ough housecleaning.
safety directors, Jason Hamer and Claude Moon, and produc-                 “It was impressive to see just how much we had accom-
tion guru Paul Ripley, to observe the plant’s employees, pro-         plished and how everyone has embraced the culture shift,”
 I N V E S T I N G
cesses and equipment in action for two days. The result was
                                 Safety                               said Bill. “We transformed physically and noticed a renewed
the implementation of an immediate action plan that included          attitude and commitment to safety, which continues to gain
safety recommendations and responsibilities for the entire staff.     strength as we remain consistent to our message to improve
     “Our incident rate had skyrocketed,” said Mike Rushman,          safety daily. We have not had a recordable since that day!”
 I N V E R S I Ó N
safety coordinator. “This exercise was just what we needed                 The plant also created a timeline to identify various safety
to get back on the right track. We needed to turn our safety          issues and designated teams responsible to address each issue
culture around, and we needed it to be seen, not just talked          as well as implemented a “morning huddle” and “daily walk
about.”                                                               arounds” to ensure possible safety problems are quickly identi-
      V E S T I R
I N Employees finished the first day with an action plan in           fied and resolved.

medley’s Safety record Stretches to 12 Years
Our Medley, Fla., facility has recorded         sions and open discussions.                   (meter box machines, vibrating hydrau-
an unprecedented 12-plus years without               “Our 12-year record for no lost          lics and a crane) into the plant that, in
recording a single lost-time accident.          time is a great thing, but it’s not           turn, leaves employees open to more
This impressive statistic is maintained         enough,” said David Piterski, vice presi-     accidents. As David said, “We work hard
through diligent safety practices that          dent and general manager. “It is impor-       to ensure employees are well trained and
include daily, monthly and quarterly            tant that we also concentrate on reduc-       knowledgeable to help defray accidents.”
meetings offered in Spanish and English         ing near miss and recordable accidents.”           The 28 facility employees and family
that detail safety issues, such as near              That’s a challenge because industry      members marked the achievement with a
misses, retraining, question/answer ses-        changes have brought more machinery           safety awards family picnic.

                     “I know I have made a difference by taking        “Our employees have received several
                     careful measures around my fellow employ-         compliments from both management
                     ees. For instance, when I am on a forklift        and customers regarding how safe and
                     and someone is coming close to me, I stop         careful they are, whether they are on the
                     to make sure the way is clear so we are both      plant floor, driving off site or handling
                     safe. We take care of each other here and         our product when setting it at the job.”
    John Rooks                                                         – Karen Nall Barnes, assistant general manager   Karen Nall Barnes
                     always will. That’s what has kept us safe.”
                    – John Rooks, rebar department

                     “I believe I’ve contributed to our safety         “When new employees arrive and are
                     culture by my leading by example. In the          still learning the safety rules, we keep a
                     short time I have been employed here,             close eye out to make sure they are safe.
                     we have started morning safety meetings,          We are very proud of our record and
                     which start each day in a safe frame of           want to make sure everyone working
                     mind.”                                            here stays safe.”
  Carlos Martell     – Carlos Martell, plant manager                   – Rayshon Woods, plant foreman                    Rayshon Woods


                                                                          P r e c a s t

oldcastle Product Protects israeli Children
Israeli students can focus more on the         developed this module to provide a
subject at hand and less on fear of attack     building with a hard shell that would
thanks to special precast reinforced           provide a greater degree of protection
modules made from molds produced at            than conventional construction. The
Oldcastle Precast Avon Manufacturing’s         module’s first application will be for
plant in Avon, Conn. In February 2007,         classrooms, but many commercial and
Ackerstein, an Israeli precast company,        military opportunities also exist.
contacted Oldcastle Precast to pursue                                                       John LaMonica, general manager for Avon
making structural precast modules for          about the module                             Manufacturing, Anatoliy Zavgorodniy,
school construction.                                The module is a three-sided struc-      engineer, and Orlando Bastos, mold setup
     John LaMonica, Avon’s general man-        ture with monolithic roof and sidewalls;     specialist, assembled the mold and oversaw
ager, recently toured an Israeli town close    it may have a precast floor slab attached    production of the first two modules.
to the Gaza Strip with Gideon Argaman,         or sit atop another module. With a
vice president of Ackerstein, where they       32-ft. inside span, 12 ½-ft. inside         loads. It has a hinged hydraulic core
saw precast blast shelters lining the          heighth and 12-inch thick insulated         with roll back outer jackets. The outer
streets and playgrounds. “On that day,         exterior walls, it weighs approximately     jacket that forms the exterior wall of the
there were seven rocket attacks along the      40 tons.                                    building is first poured in a lay down
Gaza Strip, which Gideon considered a               The module is fashioned after          position to provide the best concrete fin-
       O L D C A S T L E
normal day. Typically a 10-second warn-        a school module developed by the            ish. Insulation panels are added. Once
ing is all they get,” said John. Schools       Oldcastle Precast Modular Group in          the concrete is cured, the outer jacket
in these areas have to be lined with steel     2001, also designed and built by Avon.      with the concrete and insulation is tilted
and/or concrete panels to make them                 The 45-ton module mold was             up and attached to the module mold.
        O L D C A rocket
more resistant to S T L Eattack.               designed and built in Avon. It was then     The entire module is then poured, and
     Oldcastle Precast and Ackerstein          dismantled and shipped overseas in three    the module is complete.

                               David Wan – first Building Systems LEED Certified Employee
                          David Wan, systems engineer for our South Bethlehem, N.Y., facility, became the
first Building Systems employee to pass the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certi-
fication exam. LEED is the rating system used by the U.S. Green Building Council for sustainable building
design and is required by many municipalities and governmental agencies for construction of new buildings.
Having LEED-certified employeesParade Italic
                                   shows owners and designers that Oldcastle has the resources to help obtain       David Wan
LEED certification for their buildings by identifying the sustainability advantages of precast concrete.
      As Bob Adams, vice president of business development, said, “We are extremely proud of David’s achievement and look for-
ward to his leadership and direction in helping Oldcastle provide more sustainable designs and products for the future.”

                      ‘Plank Patriarch’ Celebrates 50 Years
                                                 D R I of N G
                      Congratulations to Noah MassengillV I Building Systems, who has logged 50 years of service at the same
                      plant. A foreman, Noah joined Safety Concrete Plank in 1957, the company’s third year of operation.
                      That company eventually became Strescon Industries, which was acquired by Oldcastle Precast in 2000.
                          “Noah sets an example for other field employees,” said Monty Wachob, field manager, who has been
                      Noah’s supervisor for 10 years. “He has an excellent work ethic.”
                                             DRIVING SAFETY
                          According to Monty, Noah serves as a role model at the plant and is known as the “plank patriarch”
                      since others regard him as a father figure. As Monty noted, “Noah knows all there is to know about concrete
    Noah Massengill
                      planks and is a very good welder.”

8                                             Driving

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