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									?The curiosity levels and buzz regarding Windows Vista is probably greater than the
news that spread when man landed on the moon. Extensively discusses and analyzed
Microsoft's Windows Vista is scheduled for an end 2006 release with the corporate
version coming first.

According to reports Windows Vista is all set to satisfy every need:

1. Security is comprehensive and takes care of every imaginable problem. Windows
and spyware library are streamlined as also administrator tools.

2. The back up software is state-of -art and computer systems can be installed across
several states and countries within a company by simple creating an image.

3. Windows side bar is atoll that has been designed to provide regular or continuous
updates on weather, stock movements, temperature, sports scores and more. This just
means you will be able to keep a tab on these while you are working on the main

4. The internet explorer 7 has enhanced privacy management and security functions
are all at the next level. The color coded address bar will indicate whether a page is
designed to "phish" information or whether it is authentic.

5. A feature awaited for with bated breath is high-end graphics and aero-glass
interface with great 3D rendering, animation, and effects. Translucent icons and other
elements are all the latest technology and allow functions like viewing real time on
minimized windows without opening programs. The Windows Vista is designed for
people who multitask.

6. Integrated desktop search will allow powerful indexing, user specific searches and
data access, and ease of filing and storing much used URLs. Searches can be extended
to other PCs on the network by using Windows Longhorn.

7. Updates are streamlined and can be done directly without the use of Internet
Explorer. A key component of the new system is said to be Windows Defender.

8. Windows Vista brings with it updated and revolutionary Windows Media Player,
with an MP3 library. The Windows Photo Gallery in Vista brings photo library
functionality and in Vista photos can get mega tags, titles, ratings, and what are more
there are systems that allow limited editing and printing too.

9. Windows Vista recognizes parental concerns regarding computers and the World
Wide Web. The new software has enhanced systems that allow greater parental
control. Parents can limit access to files, and web pages, block sites, lock downloads,
and screen objectionable content. Guess what even games can be blocked based on
the game's Entertainment Software Rating.

10. Back ups are visionary in Windows Vista. The system can be set to take periodic
snapshots of your whole operating system as well as files. This means in case of total
break down you will not loose any data or software.
Windows Vista brings great news for business users. It not just facilitates P2P
collaboration, but Vista users can share files and other data across the network. It
allows even a mobile workforce to utilize computers while traveling.

Although there are releases, reviews, and speculation one needs to wait until Windows
Vista is in actual use to judge how many hopes and promises are going to come true.

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