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					?Nintendo r4 is a product of Nintendo which able to enhance its users experience in a
way that one never imagined. Nintendo r4 is game card helps the players to play
games, listening music, view pictures, watch movies etc. The card carried same size
as the normal Nintendo ds cartridge. The card is quite comfortably fit in to micro SD
slot at the back of the Nintendo which enable its users to access more games and
applications. Using Nintendo r4 users can store games, multimedia, mp3 files,
hardware and lot more.

The Nintendo r4 provide support for various ranges of micro SD cards. It support to
both memory pack and rumble. It also provides good support for homebrew devices
and Wi-Fi games. One of the good features of Nintendo r4 is it consume very low
power. It is available in the market with reasonable cost where users can easily buy
the device. Nintendo r4 is quite known for its high compatibility with different types
of ds editions. Its action replay cheat helps the player to run the game without any
difficulty. The device is not only compatible with Nintendo ds and ds lite but it also
provide good compatibility with Nintendo dsi.

The first generation of Nintendo r4 cards includes game boy, advance flash cartridges,
super card, etc. the next generation came up with r4 revolution, g6 real and more. A
lot of improvements and new inventions come in to picture at present to make
Nintendo r4 modern gaming device where players enjoy lot and find a great
experience using the device. Using Nintendo r4 users get good return of their money
investment on the device and can incorporate games, music, movies with only one
sleek hand held device. The Nintendo r4 coming up with great innovations to keep
safe place in this high competitive market. Nintendo is one of the big market leader
and competitor when the point is raise for video games.

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