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					?Enrich your application with a reporting module.

FastReport is a set of add-in components that allows software developers to add a
reporting feature to their application without having to write a single string of code.
The component utilizes WYSIWYG technology for creating reports. The visual report
designer fully interacts with data sources (all popular DB-engines) and supports text
rotation, database access, style, URLs, html tags and so on.

FastReport features one script per one report, giving developers an option to use
multiple languages (Pascal, C++, Basic, Java). The script offers access to any object
inside application and a debugger to find problems. But where FastReport really
outperforms its competitors is the report designer module.

Wizard-like structure, zooming, Undo/Redo, rulers and guides, easy grid, windows
dock tooling, clipboard support and other features make creating report templates just
as easy as playing Lego. Reports can export data to a variety of formats - TXT, RTF,

FastReport comes in several versions and editions Delphi/VCL components and
cross-platform reporter for Delphi&Kylix (CLX components). Fast Report Enterprise
Edition provides server side reporting in internet/intranet networking environment.
Thus, FastReport is capable of solving a variety of reporting issues in different
applications and environments.

This year Fast Report has been granted Delphi Informant Magazine Product of the
Year 2004 Award (Readers Choice)

Fast Report is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is
available at / for evaluation.

The price of a single license is 79 US Dollars for the bare-bone version and 349 US
Dollars for Fast Report Enterprise Edition.

If you have any questions, would like to request editor's copy, want to inquire about
special prices for volume buyers/software resellers, or have a business proposal,
please contact Michael Philippenko at

System Requirements:
- IBM-compatible personal computer with 486 or higher processor.
- Windows NT 4.0/95/98/2000/ME/XP
- Borland Delphi 4-7 or Borland C++Builder 4-6
- 9 MB of available hard disk space
Company Website:

Product Page: /en/products/products.php?BID=23&ID=41

Screenshots: /en/products/products.php?BID=23

Download: /pbc_download/fr3demo.exe

Buy Link: /en/purchase/buynowfr3.php

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