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A Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing


									?Affiliate marketing can be a little difficult to understand without the proper
education. Here we will try to guide the reader through the basics. This should help
the beginner gain a rich understanding of what is meant by affiliate marketing. Also,
this guide should help the reader become involved with affiliate marketing.

1. There are many different forms of marketing. Affiliate marketing might just be
one of these forms of marketing, but it is also combines other forms of marketing
within itself. It is best to ignore this complexity as you begin to learn about affiliate
marketing. Just know that as you come to understand it, you will be able to include
other forms of marketing into it.
2. Basically, you are using affiliate marketing if you are advertising to people
through a place other than the original source of the advertisement. For example, if
you are advertising something on a Web site directing people to a different Web site,
then you are affiliate marketing.
3. Affiliate marketing targets specific groups of people. Specifically, it targets the
people that are viewing the affiliates place. It is a great way to gain access to those
consumers. They are already shopping, and they are a specific kind of shopper.
4. An affiliate will allow this to happen because they are being compensated by the
company doing the advertising. Most companies wouldnt lead their customers
somewhere else unless they were being rewarded for it. In affiliate marketing they are
rewarded for it.
5. There are different ways to compensate the affiliate. First, they can be
compensated on a basis that correlates to how many customers they actually bring to
the table. Next, they can be compensated at a fixed amount that doesnt have anything
to do with what they are actually doing.
6. Affiliate marketing can be seen in many different places. You can use these other
situations of affiliate marketing to help give you ideas on how to do your own affiliate
marketing. Just pay attention when you find it somewhere.
7. The most successful affiliate marketing campaigns are placed in areas that will
correspond well with the parent company. If the consumer does not care about the
product, then they will not put forth the effort to get to the businesses base of
operation. Since the consumers will be a lot alike at the affiliates location, the
campaign will either be very successful or a complete failure.
8. As stated earlier, affiliate marketing can be any form of marketing. It is only done
at an affiliates location. So, there are many ways to handle this kind of marketing. The
clear objective is to catch hold of the consumer and bring them to your business.

Those are the main points of affiliate marketing. Now you should be able to
understand it better. Read through the points over and over again until you are sure
you understand affiliate marketing. When you have a confident grasp on the subject,
you can begin using it at your business.

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