Faster Computer - A Guide To Make Your Computer Run Faster by hkksew3563rd


									?Is your computer running slower and slower? If so, it is time for you to optimize
your computer. A computer will start running slow and have various system errors
after being used for a long time without proper maintenance. How to make your
computer run faster and avoid some system errors? You need to follow the
instructions below.

Repair Registry Errors
Repairing registry errors is the first thing that you should do if you want to make your
computer run faster. Why? Because registry is that database of a computer which
contains the most important information and settings of all software, device drivers
and system programs on your computer. The data in registry defines how Windows
system runs and how a software executes a operation.

Registry is very important to a computer. But it is extremely vulnerable. A simple
uninstallation of a software or a virus can bring damage to it. If some registry keys are
deleted or corrupted, Windows system, devices and programs will not be able to run
fast and work properly. What is worse, it can lead to severe PC problems like freezes,
program not responding, blue screen and even crash. To improve computer
performance, you need to repair registry errors regularly.

Clean Up Junk Files
When you use your PC, Windows would record each operation and save some
temporary files on your computer. And when you open a website, IE would keep it in
the browsing history and save the pages. And some programs also record operations
and save some temporary files.

These temporary files do not do you a favor. On the contrary, they slow down your
computer. Because when you boot up Windows, Windows needs to load necessary
program files as well as the temporary files. They will slow down the computer. That
is why we call these files as junk files. To make your computer run faster, you need to
clean up the temporary files from your computer.

Optimizing computer performance is a very complicated thing. Besides repairing
registry and cleaning up junk files from your computer, you still need to repair dll
files, disable unnecessary startup items, tweak memory and so on. It's hard for you to
do all the things manually.

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