; Fashioning A Fashion Career
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Fashioning A Fashion Career


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									?Aside from being model or a Hollywood A-lister, perhaps there is no other career
more glamorous or exciting as fashion design. Most people conceive of a career in
fashion designing as merely drinking cocktails, dressing celebrities up and attending
chi-chi affairs. But fashion designing is more than that. Fashion is not just about
clothes design either; designers pursue other interests like shoes, accessories, or bag
designs. Of course, nothing gives a designer glory than a famous celebrity wearing
and acknowledging her creations. Excited about pursuing a fashion designing career?
Don't grab your pencil and paper yet, there is more to designing than just drawing.

In setting up a fashion design business, a budding designer needs to know the basics.
Knowledge and experience in designing, drawing, sketching, and CAD applications
are necessary to facilitate design illustrations. Expertise in sewing, embroidery, and
detailing are important and give a young designer advantage over starting competitors.
Of course, knowledge in textiles, fabrics, and clothing technology are also
requirements. Certification from design schools and workshops give additional points
for a budding designer but are not really necessary.

Possessing the above-mentioned skills does not guarantee fashion designing success.
These are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg in starting your own fashion business.
As a starting fashion designer, you must identify the type of design you are interested
in pursuing. Whether it is clothes, accessories, bags, or shoes design, it is important to
equip yourself with the know-how of that particular industry. Also, defining your
market is a vital step. Are you going to concentrate on women, teens, kids, men, or be
a general designer? Some starting designers opt to concentrate on a special market by
being a formal wear designer or a bridal gown designer. General designers however,
usually get the most profits since they cater to everyone. Employees are also crucial
part of your planning stage. Starting design businesses opt to open their own store and
hire their own pattern-makers, sewers, and staff. Others choose to do consignment and
affiliate themselves with department stores and boutiques. Custom and per-order
designing are the usual pursuits of budding designers. Fashion business experts
recommend the latter two to most starting fashion design business as these require
less capital and workforce.

But still, there is nothing like the thrill of working close to top models and famous
designers. To jumpstart a fashion design career quickly, applying as an employee in a
fashion house is another option. Positions for entry-level applicants are usually pattern
makers, sample maker, and sketcher. The key is to see these lowly positions as
training ground for your fashion empire. To apply for these jobs, it is important to
prepare an impressive portfolio with your designs and pictures of finished products
from past customers. Fashion house managers agree that they tend to look for
individuals with great style and flair for fashion. So dressing the part for interviews
and applicant workshops help a lot.

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