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Fashion Design Careers Today


									?In a society where fashion is associated to beauty, fashion design careers are sure to
make it big time. Fashion designers create clothing and accessory designs for people.
Some of the most famous designers are Versace, Karan, and Armani. Their fabulous
creations are renowned all over the world. So, if you plan to enter the fashion industry,
be prepared for the endless opportunities that will come your way. You can be an
employed fashion designer, an operator of a fashion store, a fashion consultant, a
fashion show promoter or organizer, or an owner of a popular clothing line. You can
even choose whether to have a brick and mortar store on an online store.

If you have decided to become a fashion designer, you must have adequate knowledge
on fashion trends, fabrics, textiles, and ornamentations. You need to have a portfolio
of your own designs. You must also have a bachelors degree or an associate degree in
fashion education. But if you plan to run your own retail store or business someday,
you can study business, fashion merchandising, or marketing along with fashion
design. The basic coursework will be composed of topics about textiles, color, sewing,
tailoring, computer-aided designs, pattern making, and history of fashion. There will
also be studies about the designs for various types of clothing such as formal wear,
menswear, swimwear, and footwear. You may find coursework in mathematics,
psychology, and anatomy useful, as well.

Furthermore, you have to develop the necessary skills for fashion design careers
through internships. Retail stores and manufacturing firms are only two of the ideal
places you need to get into. Of course, you will have a greater chance if you have had
an internship in one of the recognized fashion centers in Paris or Milan. The
experience you will get through such internships will help you gain marketing and
sales skills. It will also hone your abilities in determining which styles and fabrics
look great on different individuals. Then again, you can also capture the attention of
potential employers by joining design contests. Many companies seek for talented
students and amateur designers through these events.

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