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					?It is unbelievable how many people are joining FarmVille. It seems this new game
has hooked all of us, and for those of you who play know all to well, why we love it

 FarmVille is such an engrossing game we can forget all our troubles for a while and
just be pleasantly entertained for a couple of hours. Who knew by just planting seeds,
harvesting our crops and all sorts of wonderful activities, that Farmville could be so
much fun?

In addition, the best part is, as we grow our farm we get a little better and start
advancing to higher levels. As we start advancing, we realize we want to get better
and better, until we want to get more out of the game.

 When you advance to different levels, and find out about new items, and seeds and
assorted decorations for your farm, you want to learn all you can.
The FarmVille experience keeps growing and along the way, we learn about bonuses
and what items are beneficial to our farm, we must learn how to level up and quickly.

 How do we level up and quickly? In FarmVille, there are important things you must
pay attention to be able to level up. Getting to this point, you probably now
understand one of the basics to be able to level up is for you to accumulate experience

 When you started your farm, you knew you get one experience point for plowing
your land and planting your crops like all of us after our initial start up we
accumulated enough experience points to keep us going and advancing gradually.

Now, after doing your basics, you are ready to level up. You now have the experience,
to get more points; the best course of action would be to try to make up what you gain
from your harvest with other farm activities.

  By doing repairs and sprucing up your farms appearance is always a good way to
accumulate quite a few experience points. From putting up all sorts of decorations, to
if you can add a building is always great ways to get experience points.

 Just be sure you keep track of what you do to your farm, and how many experience
points you will get out of each activity you do. Some other good ways to pick up
some experience points that is not as difficult is to know all about the various crops
you can plant.

 Like any good farmer, you should know how long your crops would take to yield
how many points. Some crops that mature in a day will yield one experience point; if
you plant crops that take a longer time to mature, they will yield 2 points.
 When planting certain crops, take into consideration the time you have at your
disposal when you plant those crops. There are crops that you can harvest many times
during a day, which can increase your experience points. The only draw back to these
fast harvesting crops, is you must be adamant on harvesting them or they will not be a
benefit to you.

 The tried and true way to getting the biggest experience points quickly is by putting
up buildings on your farm So as in real life, when there is something you really want
to purchase, you save up your cash so you can level up quickly and have the best farm
in FarmVille.

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