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									?Below is a letter from a doctor that implemented the Patient Fee Prepare&commerce;
and his ideas on its results to his practice.

Norman G. Becker, Jr., D. D. S.
Practice Limited to Periodontics

Dear Colleague,

We all encounter the dilemma of how to collect our fees from individuals although
nevertheless supplying the professional proper care they seek. This leaves us with two
monetary decisions: 1) limit the credit danger by requiring the patient to pay in
complete at the time of services, or 2) offer you in-house payment preparations and
hope the affected person honors the cost terms. The initial decision limits your
revenue as business enterprise is turned away, and the 2nd increases your
administrative prices and headaches.

Nine months ago a representative of the Individual Cost Prepare&commerce; (PPP)
approached me with a unique option to the standard cost problem. The resolution was
to set up my patients on inexpensive month-to-month installments and accumulate
whose installment payments using automated financial institution deductions from
their examining accounts. I appreciated the idea but was skeptical at very first
considering sufferers would by no means concur to such preparations. Very much to
my surprise, I now have 22 individuals on automated deductions and I am quite happy
with the results. My workplace has realized positive aspects too a lot of to list, but I
would like to share these:

 1:I am now far more Ready to prolong credit score to my sufferers because I am sure
that PPP will gather my fees. In simple fact, my collection rate with this support is
pretty much 98%. And because I am inclined to prolong credit score, I expect my
income to increase by almost $50,000 this year as I can accumulate from individuals I
may have turned absent before.

 2:The program aids me filtration out those patients who would have otherwise been
fee problems. Some patients will not agree to an automated deduction plan and will as
an alternative opt to pay in full.

 3:Given that my employees no lengthier has to encounter internal cost preparations,
they can focus on individual proper care and other critical working facets of my apply.
In essence, I'm ultimately out of the banking organization.

The banking engineering PPP makes use of has been around for a lot of many years
and has been effectively utilised by insurance coverage organizations to gather
monthly premiums. Now you can advantage from it. It has manufactured a believer
out of me, and I urge you to fully investigate this precious apply tool.
Dr. Norman Becker, Jr.

One Stop Billing Solution Inc.

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