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									?I have seen many queries from business professionals, small business owners that
what is a virtual assistant, Who hire a Virtual assistant, How they work for business
owner, How much they charge for a work, What type of work they can do, How they
complete my job without even meeting, How can I find a virtual assistant which is a
best suited for my job, How a virtual assistant is better than an assistant in my office,
How they complete the . These all are genuine questions normally business owners
have when they heard or wanted to hire a Virtual Assistant and need answers for these
questions as well.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a skilled person that does variety of jobs that includes but not
limited to Administrative Jobs, Computer Online/Offline work, Web based work and
the person who work virtually for you. By use of modern communication tools a
virtual assistant work in his own office for you and send the completed task back to
client via, E-Mail, Fax, IM, Phone etc. You don't need to meet your virtual assistant to
get your task completed when you and assistant can communicate about job via mail
and phone.

Who hire a Virtual Assistant?

Any business professional can hire a virtual assistant some of them are Real Estate
Agents, Small Business Owners, busy entrepreneur that can hire a virtual assistant and
get benefits of the services a virtual assistant provide. The best way to use a Virtual
Assistant is that they can be used on an "as-needed" basis;

How can they complete my work without even meeting?

These days the modern communications technology allows work to be completed
from any part of the world. Normally, Client sends the details of work need to be done
via e-mail or phone to a Virtual Assistant and in a same way your virtual assistant will
upload the completed work back to web or e-mail to you. This is completely the
responsibility of the virtual assistant to complete the work on time and to make sure
client gets it.

How a virtual assistant is more beneficial than an assistant in my office?

Some of the common factors hiring a virtual assistant is that, Virtual Assistant has its
own set of equipments, software's, training in which a client need not to invest.
Virtual Assistant's are very beneficial to clients in terms of finance. A client need not
to pay for his employee benefits, insurance, taxes, sick pay, vacation pay and in fact
not even while sitting idle. A virtual assistant is the one who will charge you only for
the time spent on a particular project.
One of the benefits engaging a virtual assistant is that having another person in your
office you need to arrange one more desk, computer and other office equipments with
the cost maintenance as well. In case of virtual assistant they have their own work
place, hardware, equipments and maintenance etc. When a business owner compares
all these things between hiring an in-house employee and virtual assistant, VA will be
the one comes out far cheaper option.

How much they charge for a work?

In India the labor cost is really very cheap in comparison with other countries. The
general price range a virtual assistant in India ranges from $4 to $7 per hour
depending on the work needs to be done. Many Virtual Assistants works on a fixed
fee per project as well, in this case generally client has an idea how many hours
needed to complete a particular project and this is really a good option to pay fixed
fee for a project instead of hourly paying.

How can I find a virtual assistant which is a best suited for my job?

A client needs to find a virtual assistant who is skilled enough to meet the requirement
of the work needs to be done. The most important factor while finding a virtual
assistant is not a skill and not even the charge of project, the only thing required is do
you match the virtual assistant as per your requirements and do they match with your
requirement? Finding a VA you think comfortable with is the most important thing,
because a virtual assistant will be the one who will work for you and work as a
partner and will help you getting your task completed on time which will help your
business becoming more successful.

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