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									?Fancy Nancy books are the creation of Jane O'Connor. She wrote the first book of
the series in 2005 and it did so well that it made it to the top of the bestsellers book
list and stay there for quite a while.

These books have become a popular choice and great reading material for many
reasons. Both children and adults gain a lot of enjoyment from the books.

Who Is Fancy Nancy?

The books, which are aimed at children aged 4 years and upwards, centre on a little
girl called Nancy. Some might say that she is a right little madam or that she is a
precocious little thing. She loves to play dress up and can always be seen wearing
flamboyant outfits in order to look her best for any and every occasion imaginable.

Our     little   Nancy     loves    to     be   the centre    of    attention    and
also/submitarticles.php?act=edit&id=1392498 likes to use big words to impress as she
feels that they are eloquent and sophisticated.

Sometimes her antics can get her into trouble and this is what the books are all about.
They follow the things that Nancy does in her everyday life as she interacts with her
friends, family and even little dogs as in the story book Fancy Nancy and the Posh
Puppy. Sometimes she gets what she wants and sometimes she doesn't. Whatever the
outcome, there is always a little drama involved but we are always guaranteed a
happy ending for our little heroine.

One of the benefits of Fancy Nancy books is that young children can be slowly
introduced to new words and other languages. Nancy tends to sprinkle her speech
with the odd French word as she equates the French language with being ever so
refined and classy.

There are some books in the franchise that have been specially created so that children
can improve their reading skills while they follow the adventures of this cute little

Find out more about Fancy Nancy books and the adventures that Fancy Nancy gets
involved in.

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