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Fancy Diapers For Every Baby


									?Fancy diapers, my version anyway, are any cloth diapers. Diapers that are not filling
our landfills at an alarming rate, diapers that are gentler on a baby's skin and diapers
that are "cute"!

Diapers are a topic near and dear to many new mothers. They listen to the horror
stories told by their mothers and grandmothers and revel in the fact that they can have
the best of both worlds. No longer is it safety pins and rubber pants; but velcro and
designer water resistant diaper covers.

The first diapers were leaves or moss in an animal skin. This is what was used for
over a thousand years, except in the very warm climates where they babies went
naked all year 'round. The first "modern" diaper came into existance in the 1800's and
were huge rectangles of cloth that was folded to fit the baby's size. Rubber pants
wasn't invented until after WWII!

Today's diapers, my fancy diapers, began to be seen as early as the 1960's, but due to
the huge popularity of disposable diapers, were never widely used. Did you know that
the first disposable diapers still required safety pins? It's true! As more and more
people are becoming aware of the danger that disposable diapers pose to our
environment, the popularity of cloth diapers is growing.

There are no facts in yet regarding the affect all those tightly (hopefully) wrapped
bundles of feces and urine will have on the population when they do begin to break
down, but I, for one, think we should all react BEFORE those reports start to come in.
I can only imagine the billions of germs quietly "sleeping" away in the landfills.

Fancy diapers can be the all popular Pocket Diaper that allows you to put as much
filling in the pocket that your baby requires. Less during the day and more at night -
as needed. All in one or AIO Diapers consist of the water resistant covering with the
inner filling attached. It's a smart mom, however, who will add a little bit extra as their
baby gets older and sleeps through the night.

The Fanciest of the fancy diapers is the organic diaper. Made from natural fibers,
these diapers are soft and gentle on your babies sensitive skin. There is one brand that
makes a diaper out of bamboo and it looks so soft! It should make parents feel good
that they can finally provide the comfort and safety that their baby deserves without
harming the environment.

You've come a long way, Baby! See some fancy diapers.

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