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FALKEN Brings Much Needed Relief to the Philippines OTC - FLKI


									?This company has a heart ! I have followed the company since its inception in 1997
and know it well. We in the professional press often forget the humanitarian surface of
corporate entities. This company is the exception, it gives spontaneously, quantities
that make a difference and to all areas of our small planet.

In the steps of Huricane Katrina, the disaster in Thailand, the Oil Spill Control effort
in Southern Norway, and now the Philippines Falken is again hand in hand with the
relief and medical assistance teams, cooperating with military and civil defense units
and providing essential degreasing, cleansing and disinfectant materials.

Falken Industries Ltd in a telephone interview, confirmed that it would underwrite a
donation of 4320 buckets of 800 hand wipes each containing SN10? its fastest acting,
most effective and safest anti-microbial known in the industry in an effort to quickly
assist relief and medical workers in the recent Filipino disaster and tragedy.

FLKI's proprietary platform technology has proven effective in surface, water, and
airborne applications and recently in military and civil defense. The technology can
neutralize harmful environmental contaminants, toxins, and dangerous
microorganisms. The obvious of which are spores, mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses,
features essential to the disaster relief operations now being conducted.

Product conceptions based on the company's proprietary SN10? platform, disinfect,
decontaminate, and sterilize. The company believes this class of products has
important applications for Healthcare Facilities, Consumers / Household use,
Industrial Applications, as well as the proven utilization for Military / Homeland

The product, part of the Clean Plus? collection originally conceived by FLKI is
widely available globally, enhancing the speed at which these important components
of emergency relief can be dispatched on site.

Falken Communication Officer Manuel Garcia stated, "Falken's heart goes out to the
victims of this latest disaster, and this latest gesture is consistent with FLKI's policy to
bring immediate solutions to those in need.

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