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					krones PET-Asept D Process
The aseptic filling technology with H2O2 sterilisation
   Freshness you can taste                                                                                                                          krones PET-Asept D Process

Although it sounds like an ad, it‘s       aseptic system, the results of which
nothing but the truth. Fresh beve-        are fully documented in the valida-
rages – in their natural state – have     tion report. It is only by performing
their own distinct character and this     such testing under the stringent of
is what the consumer wants. And of        operating conditions that both the
course these beverages shall have a       commercial sterility and the technical
long shelf life and should not require    performance of the system will be
chilled storage because this is what      demonstrated.
the retailer wants. Trendy PET bottles
of different shapes and a variety of
label sizes are the right packaging for
these beverages. And so that you can
realise these experiences in flavours
and this quality for your creations
both with and without CO2, pulp or
fibres, use the high-performance
and flexible PET-Asept process from
The fresh and susceptible products
– from the entire pH spectrum and
beverages assortment – call for
maximum operational reliability and
reproducible hygiene for the filling
conditions. The aseptic filling techno-
logy is based on fully implementing
the isolator principle whereby those
system components not directly
associated with the filling process are
separated from this step. Also ex-
tremely important for you is the
extensive testing for the hygiene of                                               Many different products retain their freshness characteristics
all devices as part of installing the                                              thanks to the PET-Asept filling technology.
   Solutions for aseptic filling assignments                                                                                                                  krones PET-Asept D Process

Krones currently offers two of the         Advantages of the PET-Asept D
procedures established on the              sterilisation method                           Hot air      Hot air   H₂O₂ gas   Hot air   Flushing with air   Filling        Capping
 Wet sterilisation using PAA               Short reaction time from the pre-
   (peracetic acid) in the process for       heating step
   sterilising bottles and caps             No water used for handling the
 Dry sterilisation using H2O2               packing aids
   (hydrogen peroxide) in gaseous           Continuous process with very few
   form                                      control points

The sterilisation process using
hydrogen peroxide

The bottles are pre-heated in the
isolator. Gaseous H2O2 is then fed
continuously into the bottle through
a single-channel nozzle. Sterilisation
is achieved by the H2O2 atmosphere                                               Schematics for bottle sterilisation
in the bottle. This atmosphere in                                                with hydrogen peroxide
the bottle is displaced by sterile air
before the bottle is transferred to
the filler. Sterilisation of the outside
of the bottle takes place at the same
time as the inside is being sterilised.
This is realised by the hydrogen
proxoxide atmosphere prevailing
inside the sterilisation area in the
   Method of operation                                                                                        krones PET-Asept D Process

The aseptic filling system consists of      Filling
three interlinking steps: Bottle sterili-
sation, filling, capping                    The sterilized bottles are now filled
The operating conditions can be con-        with the product sterilised gently
trolled and monitored to an optimum         beforehand. The filling system is
by separating these process steps           selected depending on the charac-
from the environment in the isolator.       teristics of the product to be filled.
                                            Besides highest hygiene, precision in
                                            the filling accuracy is assured as well.
Bottle sterilisation                        Contamination is prevented by strict
                                            isolation of the filling valve from the
The bottles are forwarded by their          integrated machine technology. Used
neck-ring guide to the isolator where       here – like with all carrousels – is a
they are warmed in a pre-heating            surge tank for hygienic separation of
carrousel or starwheel. Gaseous             the static section from the rotating
H2O2 from central vaporising units          section.
is then fed continuously through a
single-channel nozzle into the bottle
in the steriliser carrousel. There is no    Capping
visible condensation on the surface
because the bottles are hot from pre-       Once the caps have been sterilised
heating. All H2O2 has been displaced        by either the H2O2 method or by
by purging with sterile air before the      dipping in the PAA bath, the bottles
bottle reaches the filler. This can take    can be capped by the aseptic capper.
place at different temperatures. The        The concept makes it possible to
cooling-down step using cooler ste-         integrate up to three cap-disinfection
rile air ensures stability in the filling   processes in one system such that a
process.                                    variety of different caps, like e.g. flat
                                            and sports caps, can be processed.

                                                                                        Overall view of the
                                                                                        PET-Asept D Bloc
  Figures, data, facts                                                                                                                             krones PET-Asept D Process

Application                           Additional equipment                   Starwheel or carrousel arrangement?

 Processing of carbonated or non-     Use of liquid nitrogen for bottle
  carbonated products                   stabilisation
   With and without pulp, fibres      Attaching aluminium seals
      or fruit cells                   Surface cleaning with hot caustic
   Over a large viscosity and fat      in the isolator instead of using
      content range                     alkaline foam
 Production of non-perishable pro-    Direct bloc arrangenent of the
  ducts with minimal heat-treating      aseptic system with the Contiform
  the product without using preser-     stretch blow moulder
  ving agents and where the distri-    Combination with wet aseptic, e.g.
  bution is outside of the cooling      cap disinfection in the peracetic
  chain.                                acid bath                                    Pre-heat
 Beverage variants from the entire
  pH spectrum: high acid and low                                                     Sterilise
 Filling in PET plastic bottles
                                                                                     Blow out

Output range                                                                 Example of a starwheel arrangement:                  Example of carrousel arrangement:

 Depending on the container size                                            103 mm                     141 mm            Pitch   103 mm                    141 mm
  up to 60,000 bottles per hour                                              24,000 bph                 17,000 bph        0.5 l   60,000 bph                43,000 bph
 Container formats of diameter
  47 – 121 mm and height
  120 – 360 mm
 Cap types: 28 or 38 mm, flat or                                            The configurations are dependent on:
  sports cap version
                                                                                Sterilisation rate
                                                                                Residual H2O2 concentration
                                                                                Pitch with respect to the bottle size
                                                                                Bloc arrangement with the blow moulder
    Equipment in the aseptic Bloc                                                   krones PET-Asept D Process

Handling starwheels for pre-heating
and sterilisation

 Pre-heat the bottles to prevent
    any condensation
 Continuous vaporization of liquid
    hydrogen peroxide in central eva-
   Dry disinfection of all bottle sur-
    faces by the gaseous hydrogen
    peroxide (H2O2)
   Hot sterile air used as a the carrier
    medium for the vaporised H2O2
   Complete surface sterilisation
    without any condensation or
    shadows from spraying
   Maximum sterilisation perfor-
    mance from the minimum con-
    sumption of sterilisation medium
   Effective outside disinfection in an
    atmosphere of gaseous H2O2
   Temperature, concentration and
    the flows of both media, the ste-
    rile air and the H2O2 are all conti-
    nuously controlled and documen-

                                            H2O2 steriliser – treatment starwheel
  Equipment in the aseptic Bloc       krones PET-Asept D Process

Blow-out area

 Remove residues of H2O2 from the
  bottle by purging with tempera-
  ture-controlled sterile air
 Blowing-out with different tem-
  peratures is possible such that
  only dimensionally stable bottles
  reach the filler
 Compliance with FDA limits for
    Equipment in the aseptic Bloc                                                                                                                               krones PET-Asept D Process

Filler                                       CapAsept D cap disinfection with        Modulcap CS – aseptic screw capper
                                             H2O2 steriliser
 Selection from specialised filling                                                  Reliable microbiological gene-
    systems for aseptic use depending         Aligned feed into the steriliser of     ral conditions from a minimum
    on the product characteristics             non-immersible caps                     number of components like cap-
   Maximum precision in measuring            Sterilisation in the treatment          ping cone and rejection fixture
    the fill quantity by using flow-           chamber with gaseous H2O2               above the neck finish
    meters or weighing cells                   atmosphere                             Use of servodrive technology for
   Filling at two filling rates to reduce    Control of the treatment condi-         optimum control of the capping
    the introduction of O2 and tenden-         tions as well the volumetric flows      heads
    cy to froth, as well to ensure high        for air and H2O2 to prevent con-       Data tracking and control of the
    filling accuracy                           densation                               twist-open values within the ser-
   Filling non-carbonated products           Defined reaction time from the          vocontroller
    in the fill jet without any contact        spiral-shaped cap guidance, fol-       Short changeover times possible
    with the filling valve                     lowed by blowing-out with sterile       by programme changing at the
   Highest hygiene version for all            air                                     operator panel
    filling valves; functional groups of
    the filling valve outside the clean
    room                                     CapAsept L cap disinfection with PAA    Seal disinfection by sterilisation with
   Use of automatic CIP cups for all        immersion bath                          H2O2
    aseptic filling systems
   Integration in a fully automated          Sorted feed of immersible caps         Punched aluminium seals brought
    cleaning system for surface                into a PAA immersion bath               into the disinfection chamber by
    cleaning and disinfection                 Reliable and reproducible reaction      the air conveyor
    (COP and SOP)                              by the disinfection solution over a    Reliable transportation through
                                               defined period of time                  the sterilisation chamber on coun-
                                              Minimised mechanical stressing of       ter-rotating spirals
                                                                                                                                     Full-jet aseptic filling
                                               the caps by guiding the flow           Defined reaction time followed
                                                                                                                                       (picture at top left)
                                              Continuous regulation and moni-         by blowing off the seals using hot
                                               toring the parameters in the PES        sterile air
                                                                                                                               CapAsept L cap disinfection
                                               immersion bath                         Transfer from the seal chute to the
                                                                                                                                     (picture at top right)
                                                                                       neck finish in the run-out area of
                                                                                       the filler
                                                                                                                                     Aseptic screw capper
                                                                                                                                             Modulcap CS
                                                                                                                                         (bottom picture)
    Functional groups of the PET-Asept line                                                                                            krones PET-Asept D Process

Peripherals for the aseptic Bloc

 Sterile water UHT AquaAsept with
    CIP / SIP function for the aseptic
   Integrated ventilation technology
    with ULPA filtration for building
    up a pressure cascade inside the
    clean room, additional extraction
    device for compliance with MAK
   Krones hygiene centre VarioDos
    for furnishing cleaning and disin-
    fection agents for the bottle and
    cap treatment as well as for clea-
    ning the surface of the isolator
   Process control system for control-
    ling the entire aseptic line
   Line documentation system (LDS)       Integrated ventilation system   AquaAsept sterile water UHT with
    for production data acquisition                                       CIP module

                                                                          System expansions

                                                                           Sirup room
                                                                           Product mixing with Contiflow
                                                                           Product processing with product
                                                                              deaeration and product homoge-
                                                                              nisation                                    VarioDos
                                                                             Flash pasteurising equipment for       hygiene centre
                                                                              thermal treatment of the product         (top picture)
                                                                              VarioAsept and sterile tank Vario-
                                                                              Store                                       VarioAsept
                                                                             Pure steam generator                   thermal product
                                                                             CIP system VarioClean                treatment system
                                                                             Air rinser for preforms (optional)    (bottom picture)
   Sterility monitoring, with documentation                                                                                  krones PET-Asept D Process

Bottle sterilisation                    Isolator

 Control of the flows of the media      Online differential pressure mea-                                  Aseptic
  in use, hydrogen peroxide and ste-      surements for monitoring the
                                                                                              Ventilation     Bloc        CIP
  rile air                                overpressure in the isolator
 Multiple temperature control of        Pressure cascade between the                          system                  system
  the sterile air on the way to the       sections of the aseptic Bloc
 Straightforward and continuous
  process with only a small number
  of control points

                                                                                   Reverse                                          Hygiene
Blow-out area                                                                      osmosis                                           centre

 Controlling the flow of the sterile
 Recording the temperature of the
   flowing sterile air

                                                                                   Nitrogen                                          Sterile
Cap disinfection                                                                   injector                                          water
 Control of temperature and pres-
   sure in the chamber
 Continuous process analogous to
   bottle sterilisation
 Defined treatment times due to
   the design for cap transfer                                                                  Pure
                                                                                               steam         Product    Mixer
                                                                                              generator     treatment
                                          All elements of the PET-Asept system                                system
                                                  are integrated in the central
                                                             process controller.
  Data processing                                                                 krones PET-Asept D Process

Higher-level controller                 Process monitoring

 Entire controller for the whole        All process steps of the supply and
  aseptic Bloc in the PCS – a central       production modules are saved
  control unit                           Process parameters are recorded
 Data exchange between machines            throughout the entire production
  and systems realising the aseptic         process
  process                                  Recording and archiving of valve
 Control of all functions in the           functions and status messages as
  aseptic system, including Flash           well as the minimum and maxi-
  pasteuriser, hygiene centre, ven-         mum values at control positions,
  tilation system, sterile water            fault messages, user entries, ope-
  generation and CIP / SIP processes,       rator identifications
  without any manual interventions         Saving of the data in accordance
                                            with the operational require-
                                            ments, mostly until elapse of the
                                            best before date
                                           Online access for status overview
                                            for economic efficiency and relia-
                                            bility is possible
                                           Options to integrate software
                                            tools for comprehensive analysis
                                            of the data for e.g. system optimi-
                                            zation, production planning and
                                            maintenance management
   Your benefits                                                                                                              krones PET-Asept D Process

 Recognised means of sterilisation        Flexibility in the use of bottles and    Bloc arrangement with the stretch
  in a further-developed process            caps                                      blow moulder
  Thanks to the Krones PET-Asept D          A wide spectrum of bottles and            The Bloc arrangement ensures op-
  process, hydrogen peroxide as the         different cap and neck finish vari-       timum utilisation of the space and
  proven sterilisation medium is            ants can be processed by the same         cost-effective deployment of staff.
  now a real alternative for PET bot-       equipment thanks to the standard          In addition to this, a high degree of
  tles as well Dependable sterilisa-        method of guidance at the neck            bottle purity is reached before the
  tion and high reliabilty in remo-         ring and the flexible components          aseptic filling process is started.
  ving all residues by using H2O2 in        used in bottle transfer.                  The compact construction also
  gaseous form can be reached in                                                      means that implementing the
  accordance with FDA require-             Long equipment service times              hygiene measures is even more
  ments.                                    Depending on the characteristics          straightforward.
                                            of the product up to 120 hours of
 Environmentally friendly sterilisa-       continuous production without
  tion system                               any intermediate cleaning are pos-
  PET-Asept D make sterilisation of         sible
  the packing aids possible from a
  low consumption of media                 Central control system
  without using water.                      All functions of the entire aseptic
                                            process can be called at one opera-
 Safety and reproducibility                tor panel directly at the machine.
  The continuous system ensures re-
  liability and reproducibility in suc-    Complete data recording
  cessful disinfecting for inside and       The extensive recording of data
  outside sterilisation of all packing      within the system makes it pos-
  aids                                      sible to precisely reconstruct the
                                            production conditions.
 Modularity
  This flexible and modular system
  concept can be adapted to an opti-
  mum to your requirements in the
  production plant and the ambient
                                                                                                                              krones PET-Asept D Process

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