; Factors Related to Starting a Business
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Factors Related to Starting a Business


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									?Like everything else, the art of business also involves a solid foundation to be laid
before an individual puts the first brick. Business starts with an idea and then through
proper research, the execution starts. Almost 50% of businesses fail within a year of
their start due to lack of proper planning. Starting a business involves many factors
which should be taken into consideration.

Some of the important factors are discussed below:

Type of Business:

"If you do what you like, you don't have to work a single day," goes a famous saying.
Most people turn towards popular businesses which give high returns, but it is advised
to do something which you like. This keeps your enthusiasm intact which is very
important during the execution. This is very simple actually, but most of us are known
for not following our hearts.

Time Factors:

Start the business after a detailed research of the process involved. Starting a business
is not the first thing one does after college, so most businessmen have been employed
at some time of their career. It's better to start the research when you are already
employed somewhere else. Also, make sure you are aware of the legal aspects
involved in it.

Financial Factors:

Most businesses yield profits after a certain point of time, so financial factors are very
important. If you are planning to get a loan to start a business, it is advised that you
discuss proper financial options with a financial advisor who would help you
understand the loan process and get you the most appropriate loan.


The biggest mistake which many failed businessmen commit is that instead of going
through the professional way, they are very casual while deciding their partners.
Finance is not about being comfortable, but it's about being practical. If you are taking
your friends or relatives as your business partners, make sure they know the process
in and out.

Revenue Model:

Revenue model is nothing but making a business plan. It involves taking into
consideration the capital which would be involved and the ways which would help
you return the capital while earning some profit as well.
It is advised to consider these important factors before starting a business . Business
planning also involves learning from business modules of other companies. Mistakes
teach you lessons which normally you are not ready to learn, so even if you commit a
mistake, make sure you learn from it.

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