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                                                July 2004

                                                     of our veterinarians to provide training for you    -    Working Safely with Nonhuman
    Contents:                                        and your staff.                                          Primates This course teaches
    - Construction Work in Building 37                                                                        normal behavior of NHPs to help
    - CRC Vivarium Update                            Preparing for Surgery                                    you avoid being bitten, scratched,
                                                     NCI is committed to high standards for animal            or exposed to pathogens that are
    - Sex Determination in Newborn Mice
                                                     surgery in order to minimize problems such as            transmissible to humans. (Required
    - Preparing for Surgery
                                                     pain due to insufficient anesthesia or infection         for persons exposed to NHPs)
    - Training for Summer Students
                                                     due to improperly sterilized instruments. It is
    - Fun Stuff: Self-Quiz                           important that persons have had appropriate         In addition, prior to working with
                                                     training to ensure that good surgical               animals, students must enroll in the
                                                     technique is practiced. Surgical skills such as     Animal Exposure Surveillance Program
                                                     aseptic technique, gentle tissue handling,          by contacting OMS at 496-4411, be
  Construction Work in Building 37                   rapid     and    minimal    tissue   dissection,    listed on an Animal Study Proposal,
  Starting in early summer, there will be            appropriate use of instruments, effective           and if going into an animal facility,
  renovation and demolition work in Building         hemostasis, and correct use of suture               watch a brief video and take the
  37 that is adjacent to our animal facility.        materials and patterns are all learned              facility quiz.
  LASP is currently exploring ways to mitigate       through experience, often with the help of a
  adverse effects that could be caused by            mentor.      Aseptic     technique      includes    Fun Stuff: Self-Quiz
  the noise and vibration. There will also be        preparation of the animal, such as hair             When       should    you submit a
  construction inside the facility starting in the   removal and disinfection of the operative           modification to an Animal Study
  month of August, where the floors in all           site; preparation of the surgeon, with the          Proposal?
  animal rooms will be replaced one by one           provision of clean surgical attire, surgical
  for approximately 13 weeks. A Building 37          scrub, and sterile surgical gloves; sterilization   a.   Only when there is a change
  Animal Users Meeting will be held on July 13       of instruments, supplies, and implanted                  which may involve an increase in
  at 1:30 p.m. in conference room 4041.              materials; and the use of operative                      the levels of pain, distress, and/or
                                                     techniques to reduce the likelihood of                   discomfort
  CRC Vivarium Update                                infection. Please contact the LASP to receive       b.   Only significant changes (i.e.
  Animals from 10/B2B facility will begin            such training materials or to schedule                   change in surgery, drug volumes,
  moving into the new Clinical Research              individual training through one of our                   animal        numbers,    hazardous
  Center (CRC) Vivarium on November 1,               veterinarians. It is also important to ensure            agents, etc.)
  2004. We request investigators who will be         that all persons coming in contact with             c.   Any change whether significant or
  moving into the new facility to plan to finish     animals be listed on an Animal Study Proposal            minor (i.e. change in personnel,
  their experiments by the end of October in         and receive ACUC approval prior to initiating            strain, facility, etc.)
  order to accommodate the move. Animals             any work. For more information see
  coming from 10A will be rederived at the           Guidelines on Survival Rodent Surgery and                         (Answer below)
  NCI-Frederick site before entering the new         The Guide.
  facility. For more details and to see floor
  plans of the facility contact Aylin Tat to         Training for Summer Students
  receive a Power Point Presentation.                Now that summer is here, so are summer
                                                     students! Office of Animal Care and Use
  Sex Determination in Newborn Mice                  (OACU) has informed us that a number of
  Some proposals that involve breeding               people have been registering for more than
  require the use of only one sex for                one OACU Training course, which is an extra
  experimental studies thus euthanizing the          burden on the students and OACU. Here are
  other sex. In such cases, mice can be              some guidelines for new arrivals on which
  sexed with >99% confidence at 1 day of             courses to take:                                         - Eureka! We built a better mouse!
  age by anogenital distance. By comparing
  the       pups,       one      can almost          -   Using Animals in Intramural Research:           Answer is c. Any change, significant or
  always categorize them into 2 groups: short            Guidelines for Animal Users This course is      minor, must be submitted for review
  anogenital distance (female) and long                  offered by OACU either as a lecture             and approval prior to initiation.
  anogenital distance (male). The two                    presentation OR as a web-based.                 Depending on the significance of the
  problems that may occur are; 1) a female               (Required)                                      modification, it will either be approved
  pup that has been androgenized by                                                                      administratively or by the ACUC. Click
  having a male pup on each side of her              -   Hands-On Rodent Workshops These half-           here for a list of modifications that are
  while in utero, can have a slightly longer             day sessions offered by OACU provide            minor (administrative), significant, and
  anogenital distance, and 2) a male can                 training while using live mice/rats.            what qualifies as a brand new
  develop in a way that makes it more                    (Optional)                                      proposal.
  feminine (short anogenital distance), due
  to absence of testosterone. Contact our
  office to set up an appointment with one

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