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									?Facebook Marketing: 3 Ways to Optimize Your Online Business through Facebook

Facebook is rapidly becoming the social media powerhouse for a growing number of
internet marketers. With an intimidating 500 million active users worldwide, it has
evolved from a mere college photo sharing site into a networking and advertising
giant. With all the applications and tools that Facebook has to offer, online marketers
are tapping into the Facebook crowd to promote their websites and businesses. Its
potential for revenue generation via Fan Pages, Groups, Events, and Advertising is
just too powerful to ignore.

But Facebook marketing can be a daunting task. Facebook is continually changing its
layout, structure, features and rules to cater the demands of both of its personal and
business users. Tailor your own Facebook marketing strategy and give your marketing
efforts a boost by checking out these Facebook marketing tips.

1. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your brand or business. Using the techniques
below, you will be able to watch your Fan Page turn into a thriving community of
ravings fan itching to promote your products. Use these Facebook marketing

  o Promote your fan page on other social media site you currently use
  o Keep it updated with fresh photos, articles, news clippings, videos, blog posts, etc.
  o Launch promotions, contests, and polls to engage your current fans and get them

2. Bring Facebook to your website by using social plugins like the Like Button or
Fan Box. With a single mouse click, a link to your latest post or article will instantly
appear in the News Feed of your friends Facebook accounts. Its a great way to grow
traffic and create a buzz around your website.

3. Turn you fan page into a lead page generator. You can use the application "Static
FBML" to do this. You can add multiple iterations of the FBML app, and try out
various lead-capture systems. This is a great way to call attention to what you want
your fans to see.

4. Facebook advertising . It is where the real power is for modern marketers.
Facebook advertising is one option that can get you results quickly by letting you
target specific user groups. Facebook Ads are much easier to figure out than Google
Adwords or other forms of PPC, not to mention its far less expensive.
Start leveraging the power of Facebook for your online business. Get on board the
Facebook marketing train and start gaining more exposure, get more fans and grow
your business.

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