; Eye Wrinkles - Under eye wrinkles
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Eye Wrinkles - Under eye wrinkles


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									?Why do we get eye wrinkles?

Wrinkles are usually associated with aging but sometimes wrinkles can also appear
due to damage to our skin, such as exposure to the sun. As we get older our skin gets
thinner and the collagen levels decrease. Over exposure to cold, heat and sunlight
breaks down our levels of collagen.

Everyone wants to look younger, so getting rid of wrinkles is extremely important to
many people. There are ways to help keep your skin healthy, like eating plenty of
fruits and vegetables, drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day and quitting
smoking, but wrinkles can still happen. If you are concerned with a more youthful
appearance, there are several ways to reduce wrinkles.

The most natural wrinkle remover is found in almost every home - banana. That's
right, a banana. Amazing! Simply mash a small banana until it is smooth and spread
on your face. Leave on for about 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Another
good tip to remove under eye puffiness and wrinkles is to use milk and almonds. Soak
the almonds in milk overnight. Remove the brown skin from the almonds and grind it
in the same milk. Rub the thick paste onto your face and later, rinse with warm water.
Almonds are another source of vitamin A and milk is a natural skin cleanser.

If you are looking for some natural alternatives to reduce your facial wrinkles, there
are many anti aging treatments you can get over the counter. You should look for
creams that contain vitamin A, as this helps renew collagen and prevents your skin
cells from breaking down. Eating vegetable rich in vitamin A such as carrots and
spinach will help. Go in for under eye creams that have extracts of natural fruits to
tighten and tone up the skin.

Of course there is always a full facelift. This is a surgical procedure which requires
recovery time, pain and discomfort. There are less invasive procedures like thread lifts
and laser treatments. Thread Lift is common as they insert a small string under the
skin and pull it upward attaching it to the facial tissue. This is a really good option for
those who are not sure about a surgical facelift.

Laser treatments are another option if you are looking for non invasive surgical
procedures. There are several types of laser treatments, so your dermatologist will
help you choose the one that is right for you. Be sure to do your research and then
choose the best eye wrinkles reducing option for you.

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