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Extra Long Necktie


									?ties are usually the very first thing that is noticed by folks when you enter a room, for
tall guys, it's a have trouble finding the perfect tie, thanks and there are available extra
long neckties in the market. The regular size of a necktie ranges from 56'-58' in length
and width 3.25' to 4'. Besides these there are retro thin ties with same regular length
but with a width of 2'-2.5.

 extra long neck ties are often 2'-3' longer. Height and neckline are things to consider
in choosing extra long necktie. XL ties can be as long as 60'. You can make different
kind of ties when you wear a 60' length tie. There are even manufacturers that offer
XXL ties. If you're a person with a height and neckline combination of 94' you need
to choose extra long ties, but if it is 96' go for XXL.

 there's just one kind of knot that half of men knows, and it is suggested to at least
have two sort of knots you should learn, men are unaware that there are 180 kinds of
knots recorded that can be used in presenting a neck tie. There are two categories : the
simple tie knot or four in hand and the popular half Windsor tie knot. These sorts of
knots are suited for tall men.

 Common knots for extra long necktie :

1. Put your collar up, and place the necktie around your neck. If you are tying an extra
long tie, leave about4-6 inches ( depending on your height and neck size ) of the
narrow end. For regular sized ties leave a lot less ( about two inches ). Place the wide
end of your tie over the narrow end.
2. Wrap the wide end of your tie behind the narrow end.
3. Pull the wide end around the narrow end of the tie.
4. Pull the wide end of the tie, and wrap it round the right side of the tie near your
collar. Make sure that there's a loop where the knot will be. Pull the narrow end
through the loop.
 5. Tighten the tie knot by pulling on the narrow and the wide end of the necktie at
the same tie. Put your collar down and allight the tie knot so it sits at the middle of
your collar.
 The 4 in Hand knot is especially well suited for shirts with a narrow collar spread,
and a more pointy collar.

 Half Windsor tie knot instructions :

 this type of knot is a sensible choice for tall person who want to use regular size
neck ties. This type of knot is superb for shirts that have narrow to medium collar
spread and is ideal for Brit striped ties. If you're tall and belong to the bigger side, a
more triangular looking knot suits you.
 Matching additional long ties has guidelines ; here are the elements to remember ,
the color, the color of the tie you choose speaks about your personality and the type of
mood you are in. With season, matching the color of the tie also alter. For summer and
spring, pastel colors and light, fresh color is in. For fall and winter, shades of brown,
gray, dark blue and burgundy is popularly chosen by designers. Pattern of additional
long tie and fabric is also a principle to recollect. If you're tall and large, you need to
wear thicker and more triangular looking tie knots. If you're tall and skinny, go for
small tie knots, and if you are bigger built men, select bigger tie knot to keep
everything in proportion. Finally, body type, neck size, weight and age are principles
to mind. If you are tall to skinny to regular build, solid colors and striped ties look
great on you. While bigger built look great on thicker and heavier silk fabric.

 In choosing designer ties it is really vital to remember that your age and profession
also dictate on what sort of tie you're going to select. Be wild minded when it comes
to patterns and style, what's important is that you're going to look decent and manly
and at the same time fashionable and edgy.

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